School News 

Last Day of Term Two

Friday 26th June (next Friday) is the last day of Term Two. Students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.

First Day of Term Three

Students return on Monday 13th July.


Student reports will be available for parents at 4pm next Monday 22nd June, through COMPASS.  If parents would like to discuss the report with the teacher, please send them an email and they will organise a phone interview.  We will be holding interviews at the end of Term Three for the whole school.

Farewell Syd and Helen

Syd and Helen have been the cleaners at Malvern Primary School for around 40 years and are an important part of our school community - supporting students, staff and parents.  They ensure the environment is clean and well presented for each school day.  During the current crisis they have been even more important as they have provided more regular cleaning of our 'touch points' throughout the day.


Syd and Helen are retiring at the end of this term and will be sadly missed by us all.  We wish them all the best for their retirement and thank them for their amazing commitment to our school over such a long period.


The Department has appointed new cleaners to the school.

Farewell Aasta

Aasta, our school nurse, is leaving us at the end of this term.  We thank her for her beautiful care of our students and staff and for her strong attention to detail, particularly with regard to policy and process. All the best for the future.


We are currently appointing a replacement nurse, who will commence at the beginning of Term Three.

Curriculum Day

Friday 28th August is the next Curriculum Day – students do not attend school on this day.

Snuggle Up and Read

 On Thursday 25th June we will be having a ‘Snuggle Up and Read’ day as a way of celebrating the end of Term Two (which has been an unusual one for us all).


Students can wear free dress and can bring a blanket, pillow, onesie (or similar) to put over their clothes when they are inside (they will be asked to take them off at recess and lunchtime and if they have sport or PE).


Teachers will be arranging special reading activities for the day and we will have a live reading of a picture book for the whole school.