School Council News

At the School Council meeting on Monday night, the School Council made the following decisions:


The Bullying Prevention and Inclusion and Diversity Policies were ratified.  These policies will both be available on the school website.

2019 Annual Report

The school's 2019 Annual Report was passed.  It will be available on the school website and when we begin to hold meetings on site, we will present it to the community. 

Curriculum Day

Approval for a Curriculum Day for Term Three - Friday 28th August.  Staff will be working on the school's Self Evaluation for the Review that will take place in Term Four.

School Review

Every four years schools undergo a formal review process to evaluate their performance and reset goals for the next four years.  We will be undertaking our Review in Term Four, with the self evaluation being undertaken in Term Three.  


The Review itself is held over four days and will involve school staff, a Reviewer appointed by the Department, Regional staff, two Challenge Partners (usually Principals of other schools), School Council President, students and parents.


We will be asking for parents to join a focus group in mid November.

President's Report

Dear Malvern Primary School parents, 

I trust you are all well and would like to thank you for all your support and efforts during home learning, as well as the students returning to school.


Each year, MPS receives valuable support from voluntary contributions from our parent community. These contributions continue to offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to our students, using the best possible equipment and facilities. Throughout 2019 and 2020, the following list of works were funded by the Building fund, which improve the school’s learning facilities:

  • New air conditioner in Music room and Mezzanine level classrooms in the Recreation Centre
  • Constructions of 2 storerooms in the recreation Centre
  • Roof replacements – storage room and walkway
  • Urgent sewer repairs
  • Wire balustrades near the BBQ area
  • New tapware in bathrooms
  • Reinstating Room 51 as a classroom and the creation of a Maths storeroom.

The development of the storerooms has enabled us to improve the organisation of resources around the school and therefore improve the safety of students, staff and volunteers.


We have also committed works to the Cross Bracing under the Paul Collier Building. All of the above items listed would not have been possible without the generous support of the MPS parent community.  Malvern Primary School has played an important role in the life of our local community since 1884, and we thank you again for all your efforts and continued support.


With thanks, please stay safe


Jim Giannopoulos

School Council President

School Council Meetings

The School Council and Committees will be meeting online this term.  The dates and contact person of meetings are as follows:


School Council:  Monday 10th August @ 7.30pm (Robyn James)

Education & Policy:   Wednesday 29th July @ 6.30pm (Dean Napier)

Traffic:  Wednesday 29th July @ 6.30pm (Robyn James)

Buildings, Grounds & Sustainability: Thursday 30th July @ 6.30pm (Robyn James)

Finance:  Tuesday 4th August @ 5.45pm (Craig Kendall)

Parent Association: TBC (Amanda Gunnerson and John Richmond)

If you are not on a committee but are interested in attending, please email the contact person listed.