Principal's News

Traffic Safety

The whole school has been back for a week and a half and during this time Dean and I have been supervising the new Kiss and Go area along Tooronga Road. 


From what we have observed the traffic is moving quite successfully along Tooronga Road and parents are dropping the children off in an efficient manner.  We realise this is probably partly because of the staggered start time, but hope this continues.


We would like to thank parents for the positive way this is being used but would also like to highlight to parents a couple of important safety issues that we have witnessed.


U Turns

1. Road Rule 132 (2A) - Keeping to the left of the centre of a road or the dividing line: A driver on a road with a single continuous dividing line must not drive across the dividing lines to perform a U-turn.


Tooronga Road has a continuous white dividing line that separates the two lanes, as such it is illegal to do a U Turn in front of the school along Tooronga Road.  We understand that this is quicker for the driver, who is trying to find a park, however it is unsafe for our children and other road users.


2. Double Parking

Road Rule 189 – Double parking: A driver must not stop on a road if to do so would put any part of the vehicle that the driver is driving between a vehicle that is parked on the road and the centre of the road.


Again, we understand that parents are keen to find a park to drop their children off to school however this is incredibly unsafe for your child (particularly if you allow them to leave the car whilst double parked) and for other road users.



 3. No Stopping restriction (commonly known as No Standing restriction) 

Parents are also reminded that the spaces directly in front of our front gate and the circle at the end of Victoria Street North are both No Stopping zones at school drop off and pick up times and cannot be used as a quick drop off zone. You cannot even bring your vehicle to a halt to drop off your child. 



Parents are encouraged to either walk their children to school or park a little further away and walk part of the way to school, this will assist in reducing congestion around the school.


Robyn James