Classroom Stars and Achievers 

This Weeks...

Stars of the Week

Madison M

For always working well on task in workshops (Kyra)

Brayden J

For increasing your knowledge of letter sounds and names (Kyra)

Stevie S

For improving her read to self stamina (Ellie)

Addyson S

For fantastic recount writing (Claire)

Matilda M

For her excellent up-levelling in writing (Miss Jew)

Oscar R

For sharing his wonderful ideas during writing (Miss Laura & Blair)

Finn J

For amazing independent writing (Mrs Gear)

Edison D

For developing his writing and being proud of his work (Miss Liv)

Outstanding Achievers

Malachi B

For working hard to improve his handwriting! (Emily P)

Hugh B

For putting so much effort into his work! (Emily P)

Sharni H

For showing compassion & kindness to others (Miss J)

Cooper F

For showing persistence in creating his Passion Project (Mrs Hay)

Archie F 

For always being ready for learning (Mrs Brown)

Alexander O

For putting so much care and planning into his 'Thank You' card (Mrs Riddoch)


Alana H Rm 3 

For her wonderful ideas when making music with new instruments (Mrs Polson)

Tegan S Rm 5

For her enthusiasm and creativity when creating her character for the Gingerbread Man play (Mrs Polson)

Chayse M Rm 4

For displaying his resilience during a game. Well done! (Miss Choi)

Bryce H Rm 16

For demonstrating wonderful learning behaviour! (Miss Choi)

Sam S Rm 16

For working well with his partner for a video project (Miss Choi) 

Jake O Rm 19

For looking after his classmates. Well done! (Miss Choi)

Jaxon S Rm 2

For being a great helping setting up and packing up (Rick & Katherine)

Jake O Rm 19

For showing great sportsmanship and fairness (Rick & Katherine)