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Health & Physical Education

Term 2 Physical Education

It's the second last week of Term 2 and we would first like to congratulate all the students on their participation during Remote Learning. Staying active is such an important part of our day and we really appreciated everyone's dedication.

We really enjoyed filming our videos for all of you and it was awesome to get your responses and submissions.



Our onsite PE has been a welcomed return to teaching the students in person. We got to hear your stories of how you stayed active and see your excitement to be participating with your peers again out on the courts and in the blue hall.


Our return to onsite learning had the Foundation and One/Two students revisiting throwing activities in their first week back. Followed by some Minor Games, learning a new game involving throwing and catching called Superhero Tag and mindfulness with some yoga.


Week 9 saw the Three-Six students return to onsite learning. Minor games were on the agenda weeks 9 and 10 with students developing their strategy skills participating in Not In My Backyard, Everybody's It, Snowball Tag and a Dodgeball inspired game called Star Wars.



A reminder for all students to have a water bottle at school to bring to PE lessons. The bubble taps are not available and being active is thirsty work so we all have to stay hydrated.


Also, a reminder that any students who have a reason to not participate in PE should have a signed note from a parent or guardian to let us know.


Enjoy the last week of the Term and remember to keep active during the school holidays. Make use of the Remote Learning Ideas and the family packs.

Stay Active and Be Safe!


From Katherine and Rick :)