Round 11 - Friday 12th August 2022


Greenhills VS Plenty Valley – AWAY

9.30am-10.30am approx.Aussie Rules FootballDiamond Creek East Primary School
NetballCommunity Bank Stadium
SoccerWattle Glen War Memorial Park 
Softball Boys/MixedDiamond Creek East Primary School
Softball GirlsDiamond Creek East Primary School


Green Parkways (GHB) VS Bye - No game this week


Last Week’s Results


Greenhills VS Plenty Valley 

Aussie Rules FootballWon
Soccer Boys/MixedWon
Soccer GirlsWon
Netball AWon
Netball BWon
Softball Boys/MixedWon
Softball GirlsWon


Green Parkways (GHB) VS Hurstbridge

Aussie Rules FootballLost
Soccer Boys/MixedLost
Soccer GirlsDrew
Softball Boys/MixedNA
Softball GirlsNA



Photos to follow next week. 



Congratulations to Jett K (2JM) and Jude H (3RM) who have completed their first season of Aussie Rules Football this year, with both boys being awarded best on ground medals throughout the year for their team efforts. Both boys have enjoyed being part of a great club and have made some great friendships with their new teammates along the way. They’re already looking forward to next year’s football season. Go Burras!



Congratulations to Owen J (6LR) who successfully attained his black belt in Taekwondo. He's been training for over five years, so being awarded his black belt is the result of lots of hard work and commitment. Owen’s grading involved demonstrating the set forms, self defence, sparring, board breaking and knowledge of Korean terminology. Well done, Owen!

If your child achieves something special (grand final win, most valuable player award, best and fairest etc.), please email me ( through photos and an overview of the achievement to post in Contact. It is important to celebrate and recognise such successes with the school community.



Greenhills Primary School is involved in the Rebel Community Kickbacks Program

What can you do to help Greenhills primary School benefit from this program?

Staff, family and friends can link the school to their Rebel Active Loyalty Program account and instantly start earning credits.    


Thank you, 

Jordan Daley



I would like to congratulate the Recital Choir on their fabulous performance in the Boroondara Eisteddfod last Thursday. It was a GREAT day on many levels - the students got to wear their Choir uniforms after so long, they got to perform in a beautiful venue - the Hawthorn Arts Centre and they got to hear a range of other Primary School Choirs. As usual, I was very proud to be associated with this dedicated group of students who represented the school in an excellent fashion. To top the day off, Greenhills received 2nd place. Congratulations to all who performed and a special thanks to Jenny Cranston and Suzie Hussein who accompanied and supported the group. Our new Accompanist and piano teacher, Sheena, did a fantastic job as well.


The Choir is getting excited about their Choir Camp next Thursday and Friday. 


Best Wishes

Kate Stewart


A note from Suzie Hussein 


Last Thursday, I was lucky enough to go along and see our wonderful choir perform at the Boroondara Eisteddfod. 

The students did such a wonderful job, they were not only perfect representatives for Greenhills on the day, but they sang so beautifully, it was a joy to watch!

I wanted to give a huge shout out to Kate Stewart. Many of us hear about the wonderful work she does, however to watch her in action was another thing altogether. The passion and enthusiasm she puts into each performance, as well as into every single student, is just amazing to see and I commend her not only on the outcome of the day but also the time and effort she puts into all she does for our students. 

Thanks Kate! 



Hello everyone!


We are now at the pointy end of the Premier’s Reading Challenge, where we have just under three weeks to go, as the Challenge finishes on September 2nd!

To congratulate those students who have completed the challenge, as well as to hopefully give a little incentive to those who have almost finished, over the next few weeks, we will be giving out some prizes 😊Any student who has completed the challenge will have their name added to our lucky draw bucket. Every Friday five names will be pulled out and those lucky students will each be receiving a canteen voucher. Winners will be announced in the Newsletter and at assembly each week. As more students finish the challenge, their names will also be added to the bucket.

If you would like to be in the draw to be a winner of one of our vouchers, all you need to do is complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge and you are in!!!

Good luck to everyone and remember- reading opens up a whole new world of adventure and fun, so why not use our imaginations and read each night!


Thanks everyone,

Mrs Hussein 😊




by Michael Grose






Recently, a mother of two primary school children thanked me for the impact one of my presentations had on her parenting style.

When I asked what was it that made the difference, she said that one particular question I posed in the presentation had the most impact. The question was “What are you regularly doing for your children now that they can do themselves?”

This mother attended my Parenting for Independence seminar after reading my book Spoonfed Generation. My message of developing self-sufficiency in children from the earliest possible age stayed with her.

She said that the independence message really came home to roost when her children went to an international school in Germany two years later. Self-sufficiency was expected at the school so the training she provided them as a result of the seminar such as in teaching them to pack school bags, preparing snacks and assisting with meals, doing daily chores, and getting themselves up each morning helped to prepare them for the expectations of an international school.

Why is self-sufficiency important?

Self-sufficiency, of the ‘I can do it myself’ kind, is the basis of self-esteem and resilience. One of the main developmental tasks is for children and teenagers to gain a sense of control and mastery over their environment. This mastery begins by gaining basic competencies such as being able to feed and dress yourself as a toddler and then gradually adding new competencies as physical and mental capacities allow. The development of children’s independence can be frustrating and time-consuming, particularly if you are time-poor or have a strong perfectionist streak. But that is the price of independence-building.

Step back to allow kids to step up

Respected US parenting and child development expert Dr. Debora Gilboa (aka Dr. G) believes parents need to step back to allow children to step up. It’s a smart phrase that infers that parents need to take on the role of their child’s teacher rather than be the person who is always solving their problems and doing routine tasks for them.

Gilboa says, “It’s crucial that you take a step back and let your kids make mistakes and learn from their experiences. You aren’t going to be there in adulthood to clear the obstacles they face or solve their struggles.” It is through dealing with their own frustrations and learning from their mistakes that kids develop the resilience needed to stand on their own two feet.

Self-sufficiency tips

Gilboa gives the following three tips to develop self-sufficiency in children at any age:

  1. Problem-solving. When your child or adolescent comes to you with a problem, resist the urge to fix it. Invite them to resolve the problem themselves.
  2. Welcome failure. This is hard in our perfectionistic world but expect them to struggle and talk about what they can do to get back on their feet.
  3. Expect them to help. Give them tasks that help the whole family, not just themselves and make sure they do them well. Be patient, but firm.

Self-sufficiency has many forms and many faces, including the ability to problem-solve, emotional self-regulation and taking responsibility for your actions. It’s easiest to develop in children when they are young. This is also because not every child in a family will take to independence as willingly as others.

If developing independence is something that you haven’t focused on before, don’t despair. It’s not too late to start. Begin where you feel comfortable, rather than make huge changes straightaway. Persist rather than give in when you have resisters; the notion of independence is too important for children’s future success.


Dear Parents and Guardians,


Gone bananas at OSHClub!

This week in Mini MasterChef we made banana muffins! The children worked with the team to combine, mix and cook the muffins until their delicious creation was complete. Everyone took a muffin home with them and all that joined in had a great time! If any children or families have any suggestions or requests for what we could make during Mini MasterChef's throughout this term please  let us know and we will take them on board! 

If your child/ren would like to be apart of Mini MasterChef’s book them via the iParent Portal or by contacting us on 0437 928 183 or 



Harry Potter Boardgames!

At OSHClub recently we bought Harry Potter Headbanz and Harry Potter Trivia games. These have been very popular, especially with the Harry Potter Magical Builders being really big at the moment. The children put their wizarding minds to the test when guessing which wizard or spell is sitting in their headband or answering a fact about the movies. Along with these games, some inside activities such as Guess Who, colouring and painting are constant favourites. If there are any activities or games that your child/ren love at home please feel free to let us know so we can provide it in service!



Outside Fun! 

With the sun poking it’s head out recently we have been getting outside as much as possible. The children have enjoyed playing football, basketball and Commonwealth Games events on  our Pupil Free Day last week. The children enjoy working together in team sports and also competing against each other in races and basketball knockout. Keep your eyes out for our Vacation Care schedule for the Spring school holidays that will be released by OSHClub in the coming weeks, there will be some days with a focus on sport that your child/ren may enjoy! As soon as bookings are available for these days we will notify families. 




If you need to make a booking, please do so through the iParent Portal or contact the service on 0437 928 183 or Greenhills OSHClub is open 6:45-9:00am for Before-School Care, 3:00-6:30pm for After-School Care and 6:45am-6:30pm for Vacation Care/Pupil Free Days. 


OSHClub Service Phone: 0437 928 183  

OSHClub Service Email:

Coordinator: Jordan Martin  

Educators: Jorja Sullivan, Melissa Ong

OSHClub Head Office: 1300 395 735 or 


All families must be enrolled to attend the service, remember this is FREE!! Please create an account online at All bookings and cancellations can also be managed via the iParent Portal. 


Term 3 Week 5 - Presented at assembly Friday 19th August 2022 






Sophie S1JCFor your wonderful efforts in writing! You try so hard to use your powerful writing devices in all your written pieces. I enjoy reading your writing. Sophie, you are a writing superstar!
Liam P1KOFor seeing your face light up with excitement during every learning experience. Liam, you transfer this excitement into all that you do, which is why you keep climbing up that ladder of success. You are a superstar! Keep it up!
Ethan D1TSFor your enthusiasm for sharing your ideas and learning. It has been amazing to see your confidence grow and you wanting to share your ideas and wondering. Keep it up Ethan!
Tyra K2JMTyra has been a star student all year long. She consistently brings her best to the classroom each and every day and has great fun learning. Well done Tyra.
Andrew L2LOFor your enthusiasm and fantastic reasoning when answering probability questions in maths! Andrew, you were a superstar at finding the probability of different questions this week, keep up the awesome work!
Cleo K2SHFor your wonderful effort in maths! Cleo, it has been awesome to see the self-confidence you have in your abilities when working with two-digit vertical Subtraction, as well as the way you are able to model your working out using MAB and explain your answers. I am super proud of you Cleo, keep believing in yourself superstar!
Maddie Mc3AKYou are to be commended for your dedication and hard work as our JSC. You willingly take on tasks, share and present information to the class and listen to your classmates ideas. Keep up the GREAT work, Maddie!
Sophie M3MHFor always sharing your ideas, skills and knowledge with others. We love your positive attitude, passion for learning, and enthusiasm to be involved. Your curiosity and creativity are contagious! Thank you for bringing such positive energy to our class! 
Maddie L3RMFor her magnificent oral presentation of Uluru and surrounding areas. Maddie recalled many facts and details and a dream time story that helped us to understand the importance of this scared sight. Thanks for teaching 3RM Maddie.
Keira D4DSFor the EFFORT, ADVENTURE and TEAMWORK you both demonstrated during our Postal Routes numeracy activity. It was excellent to see you working together to identify patterns and test your conjectures. GREAT work! 
Harry K
Claire L5BCClaire is a conscientious and hardworking student who always completes work to a high standard. Thanks for being such a star and role model in our class!
Lauren5JRFor actively making smart choices to achieve your learning goal. It has been great to see you put effort into this and I hope you keep it up.
Lily Ts5REFor your amazing work in Fractions. You show great understanding of fractions on a number line and demonstrate your knowledge of converting fractions to decimals. Fantastic work Lily.
Andy J6BSAndy, thank you for being one of the most kind, considerate and thoughtful students to ever attend Greenhills! You are always the first to offer to help others and have a heart of gold. Thank you for being you!
Lachlan A6LRLachlan is doing an amazing job contributing his questions and knowledge to our class conversations. It's been wonderful to see his confidence grow and to hear his insites on a variety of topics.