Student Well-being 

The Year 1/2 Community

In the Year 1/2 Community, we have been learning about solving problems. We discovered that some problems can be small nt problems, some can be medium problems and some can be big elephant problems.


We noticed that ant problems can be solved by ourselves. For example, if my pencil needed sharpening I could just use my sharpener to sharpen it, if I couldn’t see the book the teacher was reading whilst I was sitting on the floor I could just move spots.


For most medium and big problems, we will need to seek help and tell a teacher so they can assist us in solving the problem such as someone has hurt themselves and is bleeding or really needing to go to the toilet.


Below are some of the Ant and Elephant problems we came up with that might happen at school. 


Mount St Joseph Girls' College Visits

Over the last few weeks, we have had two visits from the VCAL  students from Mount St Joseph Girls' College Altona. It has been wonderful to be able to build a partnership with a local school that many of our Year 6 students venture off to after their time at Corpus Christi.


The students have been working with our Prep students as they prepare themselves for their careers in Early Childhood.


They did a fantastic job at planning and implementing a range of learning experiences for our Year Prep students.


Lauren Borg

e-Learning/Student Well-being Leader