Book Week 2022

'Dreaming with Eyes Open'

It's time to celebrate children's literature with the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) Book Week. Each year since 1945 the CBCA has brought children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week. During this time schools and public libraries spend one glorious week celebrating books and Australian children's authors and illustrators. The theme for Book Week - 2022 is "Dreaming with eyes open..."


The CBCA Book Week is a fantastic event that promotes the joy reading can bring to young minds! Primary schools and libraries across Australia join in the fun celebrating literature with in class Book Week activities and even Book Character Parades.


Albanvale Primary School will be hosting a number of different opportunities for our students to take part in to celebrate this amazing event. One of which is the annual Book Fair, allowing students to purchase a range of stories and non-fiction texts.  Students will have the opportunity to use their High-5 Cards to purchase the books that they are excited to own! 


There will be a large variety of books ranging in genre and starting from as low as FIVE High-5 cards!! Early next week, students will be given a Wishlist that they can record the books that they wish to purchase and how many High-5 cards it will cost. We will be asking that you support your children in completing the Wishlist, with the hope to build excitement for our students.  The books being offered will be on display before school at 8.45am-9.00am and after school on selected days, next week.