The Future is looking 

green with the Green Team!

How the students at Albanvale Primary School 

are promoting a brighter future!

Written by Maria & Dimitar on the 2nd of August

The Green Group at Albanvale Primary School helps bring light to the important topic of sustainability. They focus on recycling and renewability to ensure our planet can be enjoyed by generations for many years to come. The Green Group look at how conserving the world's resources can help the students in the future. We had the opportunity to talk to a couple of members in this group, this is what we found:


We interviewed Van and Damon
What is the main reason that this group is a part of the young leaders program?

We are in charge of changing the way that people look at the environment and help them to see that littering around the grounds is the wrong thing to do. We work together to raise the importance of this issue to the whole school.


What do you do each week on Tuesday afternoon?

We are coming up with ideas to teach the littler kids around our school about keeping the environment clean and maintaining a safe place to live in. We do this with some fun activities like recycling old bottle caps and making cute and creative animals out of them.


Why do you think this group is important for students at Albanvale Primary School?

Students need to stop littering so that we can help improve the school and the environment. By having a group based around it helps us to raise awareness.


What is your favourite part of being in this group?
I really like helping the younger students, especially the preps to realise that the environment needs protection. They are so happy to help.

This is an amazing part of the Young Leader Program and everyone in this group were all so excited to be a part of it. Make sure that when you get the chance, have a talk to one of the fantastic members of the Green Group. Next week we will have a look at another one of the Young Leader groups.