The Basketball Club is a SLAM DUNK!

Written by Iclal and Leeroy on 26/07/2022

The basketball club is a great way to get you, or your friends more active. It is a fun way to get you active and you get to learn the fun parts about playing basketball. The fun doesn't stop with learning the basics. You get to play many games that the basketball club have like Knockout, Golden Child, Half Court Games and Shooting Competitions.

Teacher Interviewed: Mr. Katiforis 
Why is the Basketball Club so important for the students at Albanvale Primary School? 

 It is important for students at Albanvale Primary School to participate in Basketball Club because it gives every student the opportunity to learn new skills in the sport,  play collaboratively with different grades and most importantly have fun. It is something that not all schools have, so why not give it a go!


What sort of things do you do in the Basketball Club? 

There are so many things that students can do when they come to the Basketball Club at lunchtime. They can have some time shooting hoops with their friends. We also play a lot of games like Golden Child and Horse. We all have so much fun.


What kind of people do you think would really enjoy what you do in the Basketball Club?  
I think all students would enjoy the Basketball Club. I make sure that all the games we play are suitable for all year levels and for people of all ability level. I’m looking forward to seeing more people join the club so that we can play more advanced games and real games of Basketball. 
When can the students come and try out this amazing club?  
The Basketball Club is on every Wednesday at 1:45- 2:00pm on the basketball courts. Come and have a look. 

The Basketball Club is something that helps you to improve your skills and it is a lot of fun. I know that we are going to come and play some games with the people that are part of the club.