F stands for Fantastic in Prep F!!

Written by Mehmed & Tommy on the 2nd of August

What is so special about this class? Let’s find out!

We are Mehmed and Tommy and today we did a Class Spotlight on one of our prep classes. Today we interviewed 2 students that were really kind and enjoyable to interview. It is clear to see that Prep F is a fantastic class that have a great time and get to take part in fun subjects in a safe environment. They have a bright future ahead of them because they love learning to read books to grow their knowledge. The students that we spoke to were so happy to be a part of this class. This is what they had to say:

We interviewed Zahra and Christian
What makes your class such a special place to learn in?

I like the friends that I have made this year and that Mrs. Foxwell helps us learn.

We get to play a lot of fun games and have been learning to read and write better.

I like to see my friends everyday because they make this school so much fun.


What is your class doing at the moment in Reading?

We are learning to read very big books which I like because it is hard.

We have been reading a book about spiders and finding out new things that we didn't know before. 

Sometimes we get to draw pictures about what we are reading. 


What is your class doing at the moment in Writing?

We are writing a lot of big stories and we make it fun to read by making it interesting.

Right now we are learning to write a Recount. We have written a recount about the time that we made fairy bread and about the time we went to the Library.


What is your class doing at the moment in Mathematics?

We count to ten a lot. We also play a lot of games that help us learn about numbers like the game 'BUZZ'. That is my favourite game to play.


What is your favourite part about being a student at Albanvale Primary School?

I like how we get to play a lot of games and learn different things. My friends in my class and outside at Recess and Lunchtime make it so much fun to come to school. 

I like doing P.E. because I get to be outside and play heaps of games.

It is clear that the students in Prep F are doing some awesome work and this has allowed the class to learn some great things. We will be back next week to highlight the great work that another of Albanvale Primary School Classes work is doing.