From the Principal's Desk

End of Term 

This exact time last year, I wrote to you all after a Term 3 as we had never experienced before.

Twelve months down the track we find ourselves in a similar position. The only difference is that last year we had a very clear Road Map out of Lock-down and a very precise Return to School Plan.


Unfortunately, I can't provide you with the same hope just yet. I know no more than you so we will need to wait until Premier Dan Andrews details his plan which is supposedly set for Sunday.


What I can do, however, is thank each and every family who has met the challenges of remote learning head-on. Who through, understanding, flexibility, persistence and encouragement have had a significant impact on the learning of their child.


Thank you to our children who tuned in every day at 9:00am to meet with their teacher, to engage with the learning, and to 'turn in' assignments when due.


And... thank you to our staff who are desperate to be back teaching face-to-face. Thank you for your resilience, adaptability, creativity and care for each and every child.


I hope all families have the opportunity to re-charge over the holiday period where kids can be kids and mums and dads can be just that. 


And.... as soon as we are given details of what the beginning of Term 4 will look like, you'll be the first to know!


I am probably preaching to the converted here but I can't stress enough how important it is to keep up with communications and be aware of happenings concerning your child and school operations. The number of calls taken by the office today in regards to how to access Learning Conferences or why there were no Google Class Meets occurring was alarming and it's becoming a disappointing trend.


I understand that times are difficult and that we don't have the normal face-to-face interactions where information is shared and reminders are given which is even more reason to be up to date with communications.  We endeavor to communicate all formal information in at least two platforms e.g. Email and Newsletter which will continue to be the case moving forward whether in lockdown or not.

Learning Conferences

Thank you to all families who booked an interview time today to meet with your child's teacher to share progress over the past term. I hope you found the opportunity worthwhile and were able to come to a common understanding of goals moving forward.


I ask that families who didn't take up this opportunity, contact their class teacher to see if a time can be made to meet in the near future.

Last Day of Term

Just a reminder that Friday 17th September will be our last day of term and all students will finish at 1:00pm. Students attending our Onsite Supervision Program will also have to be collected at 1:00 pm.


OshClub will be available from 1:00pm onwards.

First day of Term 4

Please be advised that we have cancelled our scheduled School Closure Day for the First day of Term 4 so classes will be planned to commence (in some way, shape, or form) on Monday 4th October.


Having said that, the soon to be announced Victorian Roadmap out of Lockdown may differ and thus we will contact you either way over the holiday period to confirm start dates.


Have a wonderful week and a great holiday

God Bless

Anthony Hyde