Principal's Report 

Welcome to term 4

Resumption of on-site learning staged

Thank you to all families again, for your responsiveness and respect to current school restrictions and staged returns.

I know we are all yearning the day for students, parents and staff to be all back together on-site and enjoying our wonderful facilities - I truly believe the day is coming quickly now...

If you have any queries or concerns around current or future restrictions or plans, please don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.


Please ensure students have broad-brimmed school hats for this term.  There is a number of students at school currently, without hats.  

Our sunsmart policy states broad-brimmed hats are to be worn.  I am allowing a week of grace period, to allow families to find or purchase appropriate school hats.

From Week two, students on-site without hats, will be limited to outside, designated shade areas only.

School expectations

Over the past two or so years, with disruption, flexible learning conditions etc. we have been required to re-establish expectations with students.

Please work in partnership with us to ensure the optimal working conditions at school are met.  To support this, some key areas/rules, both big and small make a huge difference to student attitudes and behaviours.

The following are hot topics at the moment within our school, I implore us all to continue to support children/students with:

  • respectful behaviours - the way students speak to each other and adults, as well as appropriate language
  • hands off, at all times is a school expectation
  • chewing gum, brought to school from home is not permitted
  • school uniform - correct attire to be worn daily.  Should this not be achievable, a note is to be provided by a parent/carer.

Thank you in advance with supporting our important rules and standards we strive to uphold.

Staff car park

We are looking forward to using the new staff car park, later this week.  This opportunity provides significantly more on-street parking for our families.  I'm sure we will notice the difference around our streets.

Please stay patient and respectful on our roads, pathways and at our crossings.


I acknowledge the First Peoples of the Wathaurong, who are the traditional custodians of the land and waters on which I work and live, and pay my respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.