Allister Hill

Middle Sub-School Manager


To the students, you have been so incredibly strong over the last few weeks, but also over the last 2 years. There is no doubt we are all becoming a little fatigued and exhausted with the current challenges we face, however, there are so many brilliant things still going on and worth celebrating. Please continue to concentrate on the good and positive things going on in your life and also those people around you. It may be very difficult to see that right now, but I am sure we will all look back on this time in our lives and see some incredible achievements, learnings and opportunities that have come about. 

Our student attendance and engagement has been very impressive considering the circumstances. Students have been maintaining their routines as best as possible and managing their education while learning from home. It's great to see all the communication between students, parents and teachers. Now more than ever, parents are engaged with their child's learning. I appreciate there have been several bumps along the way and many of us are ready to hand the reins back. Thanks so much to all the parents and carers who have gone above and beyond to support the school and your child this term. 

Over the last few weeks you may have noticed staff designating a portion of their class time to teach students about empathy. This has been a deliberate focus and initiative developed by the SWPBS team. Now more than ever, it's important that we take the time to recognise or imagine the emotions being experienced by others. Empathy is a skill that needs to be practised by all our students. It is a life skill that is an essential component to many of the relationships we will form along life's journey. The slower pace of life has allowed many of us to breathe and take a slower approach to life. As we hopefully progress back into a more normal way of life and soon return to school, we will need to take some time to re-adjust and reform some of our relationships. Building positive and genuine relationships with our peers will be a major focus to improve student wellbeing in the Middle School for Term 4. If students don’t feel comfortable and happy at school, learning is not possible. 

Progress Reports

Progress Reports are now available to view on Compass. I would like to congratulate the following Year 9 and 10 students on receiving outstanding results from our recent Progress Report. These students have scored an average of 3.8, or above, out of 4 for these Progress Reports.

Year 9

Ali Ahmadi, Htoo They Paw Baw, Lwe Wah K'Paw, Nivetha Ranjithkumar, Paris-Junnoel Mina, Jaida Cunningham, Isabella Hosking, Cenk Dizdarevic, Beh Meh Beh Meh, Ethan Lamont, Rhianydd Mainwaring, December Paw, Pray Meh, Dragana Vezmar, Elsie Erjavec, Madison McEwan, James Hose,  Ryland Dans, Annalise Speed, Say They Paw Wah Say They Paw Wah, Andrej Smilevski, Declan Stojanoski, Toby Jacometti.

Year 10

Haisong Qi, Clancy Freeman, Paw Paw Nwee Paw Paw Nwee, Omid Bahaduri, Mason Lee, Emily Heitmann, Lokgarzana Crawford, Jynx Vriens, Rose Bell, Matthew Busch, Ava Taylor, Eh Soe Eh Soe Paw, Fedha Ibrahimu, Isaak Kotsopoulos, Anna Pagtolon-An, Jett Peart, Ishanika Arumuganathan, Natasha Tabe, Nguyen Minh Thu Bui, Levi Bowden, Locklann Cutajar, Boemeh Hehkhu, Natalie Murphy, Leah Patti, Violet Russell, Jonathon Eather, Kobe George, Atia Batool Sultani, James Smith, Joshua Boyd, Marc Gonzales, Manizha Mirdadi, 

Aliedris Nazari, Mitchell Primmer, Heidi Tillson. 

Please ensure that you and your child look over the report and have a discussion to identify successes and challenges. If you would like some support with your child and their Progress Report please make contact with their Year Level Coordinators to develop actions for improvement and address any concerns with learning progress.  Additionally, you can contact specific subject teachers directly. 

Please encourage students to turn their devices off over the September holidays, recharge, refresh and reconnect with their friends.