Family Handbook

Glen Education Vision: The leading provider of innovative, professional and inclusive early years education that delivers excellence in learning

Family Handbook 2022 · 30 May 2022

In this issue

Welcome to Glen Education Welcome from the CEO
The Glen Education Story Our Beginnings, Our Vision, Our Mission, Our Goals
Philosophy Our Philosophy
Quality Program delivery objectives , Ongoing Quality Improvement 
The Glen Education Curriculum Learning Through play - pg 12
Learning through Play How do the educators support my child’s learning?
Child Safe Environments
Attending Kindergarten Session Times, Orientation, Door Security, Attendance, Arrival and Departure
What to Wear and Bring What to wear to Kindergarten, What to bring to Kindergarten, Sun Protection
Incursion and Excursion
Nutrition and Healthy Eating Rest and Relaxation, Nutrition, Glen Education is Committed to:, Healthy Eating at Kindergarten, What Does a Healthy Lunchbox Contain
Family Involvement Program Participation, Volunteer Parent Group (PAG), Fundraising, Working bees, Laundry
Respectful Behaviour
Policies Glen Education Policies, Feedback - Compliments and Concerns, Fee Policy
Immunisation Immunisation, What if my child had immunisation overseas and is not eligible for Medicare?
Health & Safety Hygiene,  Collection of Unwell Children, Exclusion of Unwell Children, Infectious Diseases , Medications,  Medical Conditions and First Aid, Incident, Illness, Injury, First Aid Provision, Smoke Free Zone, Emergency Procedures
Inclusion & Equity Glen Education kindergartens are committed to:
Code of Ethics & Staffing Code of Ethics, Our Staffing Principles
Advice from Children What is the best part of Kindergarten that children can look forward to?, How do know when you have learnt something?, What do you need to bring to kindergarten in your bag?, What are the 'rules' at Kindergarten that next years children need to know?, How do you learn new things?
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