Positive Climate for Learning

Visual Arts

The Grade 5/6’s are working hard on their entries into this year’s Lions Club Peace Poster Competition. 


They are communicating the theme “We are all connected” using illustrations and symbols.  They are using bright colours, iconic images of peace and concepts including movement and space to create some truly unique artworks.


I can’t wait to see who will win our school-based competition at the end of the term and who will go on to represent ACS in the district competition. Great work Grade 5/6!!

Performing Arts

In Performing Arts this week, we have had a large focus in all year levels on our new instruments that we received last week. 


Our Performing Arts teacher Bec has been working in the Music Mentor Program over the past Term. This program gave Bec and the students to work with another Music teacher from The Song Room, that helped develop and deliver an in-depth music program. 


By being selected for this program, the school was given a grant to purchase a variety of musical instruments to use in the schools Performing Arts program. It has been wonderful to see the students using the instruments and enjoying our music program. 


Well-done to all the students that were involved in the program. 

Physical Education

This term in PE the junior students have been focusing on the two-hand strike. We have been looking closely at breaking down the skills for the two-hand strike that relate to particular sports. Some of the sports have included cricket, golf, hockey and t-ball. The children have been challenged to stand side on to their target and to keep their eyes on the ball.


In the middle years of the school the students have been focusing on Net/Wall games. We have been breaking down what an actual Net/Wall game is and then looking at the skills involved in particular games. We have focused on sports such as tennis, volleyball and four square. Students have been analysing the best way to move an opponent around the court to win the point as well as how to recover their court position during games.


The senior school has been lucky enough to be having some sporting school’s clinics where a coach from Badminton Victoria has been coming to run some focused sessions. Badminton has been very popular with the students as this is a sport that not many of them have tried before.