Flora & Fauna


Although we are in remote and flexible learning, the Level 3 students have been busy at home engaging with different aspects of our Flora and Fauna program via our Seesaw Activity. Many students have been busy baking, cooking dinners and making yummy pancakes. They have been practising their ‘safety in the kitchen’ skills whilst helping their families with food preparation. Let’s hope they also helped clean up!



Many students became very inquisitive at home when they were thinking about fresh vs processed foods. They investigated food items in their home pantry and fridge, and separated the food accordingly. It’s fantastic to see that our Science unit can be modelled in the ‘real world’. Photos below show some of our students’ findings. 



Some students chose to engage with the gardening part of Flora and Fauna. As you can see from the photos, students got busy raking, weeding and chopping. Thank you for helping out your families in the garden. Great work!




Level 3 Team