Level 2

Level 2 celebrated RRRR Day remotely. We thought about the superheroes in our lives and we realised they don’t all wear capes! It was hard to tell where our students were on Monday as they were disguised as fabulous superheroes. Way to go Level 2! Students thought carefully about how to be e-smart. Level 2 has great ideas on how to stay safe online.


The Level 2 children have done a top job transitioning to remote and flexible learning quickly. Thank-you to Mums, Dads and Grandparents for helping at home. Students were uploading learning tasks and participating in class Webex meetings. Throughout the week we learnt about flight. We made paper aeroplanes and tested them. We saw lots of planes taking off in home hallways. Then we carefully measured their flight paths. We also had a go at making our own parachutes!


We practised High Five writing by making sure we included lots of ideas, careful spelling, punctuation and great handwriting in our stories. Then we revised and edited. 



Level 2 Teachers