Level 1

What a rollercoaster ride the last fortnight has been! 


At school, students enjoyed continuing to learn about forces by designing and building their own cars from boxes, and using wooden wheels. There were some elaborate and thoughtful creations! Students measured the length of their car and thought about the effectiveness of their design. 


Level 1 took the snap lockdown in their stride and we are proud of the way they have embraced the Remote and Flexible Learning and the effort they put into their activities. A big thank you to our Level 1 families for their wonderful support. 


Rangeview’s RRRR / eSmart day converted well to online activities, and students did a wonderful job drawing their superheroes, thinking of adjectives to describe them, and writing about why they chose that superhero.


In Maths, we have been looking at positional language. Students have been practising their skip counting and creating their own sums. Maths Challenges, such as Hide the Teddy, in which students created a ‘find-the-teddy’ map were well done. 


Level 1 students are fabulous scientists! Their experiments predicting and then investigating whether certain objects sink or float in Inquiry were fantastic. Students designed and built their own boat, and tested how much weight it would hold before it sank. They used their results for their Writing tasks. 


We are looking forward to another fabulous week of learning – apart but together – next week! 


The Level 1 team