Principal's Report 

Flexible. Resilient. Positive. 2021

4.0 Remote and Flexible Learning

Wham Bam - if ever we needed our Super Heroes is now! Another week of remote learning. Take a deep breath and think like the best heroes- We can do this!

We had been working on our costumes for the RRRR and Cybersafety day which has been postponed until the last day of this term. 

Summit Camp

Remarkably, Mitch Clark and the grade 6 team have been able to negotiate with the Summit camp for the year 6 camp be moved to the first week in term 3. There has been a shuffling of staff to go and the planned pupil free day will be moved to week 2. 


Students and families are all hoping for the return as soon as possible. So keep up the routines of bed times and school times as best as you can. Exercise is helpful for mental health and a valuable time as a family. I see many of children and parents and sometimes with a furry friend, using the extra time to enjoy the sunny, cooler days.

Reporting Process 

Our teachers have been working on the semester one student reports as planned for the availability through Sentral on Friday 18 June. DET guidelines will direct us on how the student led conferences will proceed in the last week of the term. As this information is released to schools, we endeavour to keep you informed in a timely manner. 

School Review 

Our school council will meet next week on Wednesday 15 June at 7pm. I believe that this will be a remote meeting but this will confirmed closer to the day. The council members will be looking at some of the school data that forms the basis of the school review. 

All members are invited to attend the training Strategic Training and Governance specifically for school councillors. 


The temporary fencing is coming down around the east end of the main building to reveal the new brick retaining walls and steps and expanded learning space outside the library. It will be a valuable space for community events as you look out over the oval. Bring on our Carols, Twilight Sports, Oktoberfest and other community events. It will happen again- just not tomorrow.



Our Foundation Team certainly got into the spirit of the day.  This photo really captures their fun and commitment.


Off, Off and Away

So be the super hero (without the cape) and we can do this together. Find something to that makes you smile and find some fresh air when you can. Most importantly be kind to yourself and others.