The HTAV holiday enrichment program is designed for those students who are interested in greater engagement with the study of History and who are keen to hone their analytical skills. 


Over the recent holidays, three students from 7F took advantage of this wonderful opportunity. The beauty of the program is that it will sharpen the perceptions of these students in their pursuit of History but will also have benefits for other subjects like English.


Spencer Wu and brother and sister Michael and Angela Zhang enrolled in the holiday enrichment program and their reports appear below. Clearly, it was a roaring success.




If you have an abiding interest in History which you would like to pursue beyond class, please do not hesitate to have a chat with a History teacher.


Simon Hughes

Learning Area Manager of Humanities


The History Enrichment Program not only educates students about how to become a historian but primes us with the process of being a good historian. When you come across researching any topic in any situation, the program teaches you meticulous methods of how to research effectively and methodically; It provides you with generous websites and techniques.


I am very delighted to be in this History program. The numerous eureka moments I had is overwhelming. I couldn’t resist not to recommend this program to you and everyone else.


Spencer Wu

Year 7 Student


During the first week of our Term 2 school holiday, a few students from our class participated in the History enrichment program which lasted a total of two days. These two lessons helped students develop their own perspective while learning about aspects of medicinal history and other branches of history. 


The students who participated brainstormed new ideas and together, in groups and created cures for diseases using our imagination, these activities helped inspire ourselves - allowing us to voice our opinions. In the end, we were given the task to further research one historical interest and create a presentation of choice. 


Overall, this enrichment program was key to extending your knowledge and was enjoyable!


Angela Zhang

Year 7 Student


It was a great way to end our semester of History. It has been a great experience to learn from Mr Hughes (7F's greatest historian). We have been told that we would also become great historians, by learning about extended responses, Egypt, Ancient China, examining artifacts and understanding how a historian think. We’ve come a long way from the start of our Year 7 journey, so we enrolled ourselves in the History Enrichment Program to make it all worthwhile. 


During the History Enrichment we learnt about how to think like a historian, mudlarking, quack medicine and we also had our own history project. This was an unreal experience, not only was this program fun and interesting, we had many opportunities to express our opinions. During class time, we were separated into groups to challenge our thinking and to create an advertisement for quack medicine. 


After finishing this program, I thought that I was challenged. I would certainly recommend this to anyone that would like to challenge their thinking and examination skills. So, give it a shot!


Michael Zhang

Year 7 Student