A reminder that all students at McKinnon need to have a Chromebook purchased through our chosen supplier. With all students using a standard platform, we are able to build confidence for both students and teachers, and ensure that technology enhances our ability to deliver an effective curriculum - this has been very important given the recent phases of remote learning. Our Chromebook program is divided into two stages, with students purchasing a new device in Year 7 (Phase I), and then again in the lead up to Year 10 (Phase II); this means all students have a reliable and up-to-date computer that facilitates online collaboration and other digital learning opportunities in all classrooms. More information about our Chromebook program can be found on the College website.


For our current Year 9 students (entering Year 10 in 2022), their Chromebook is approaching the end of its 3-year warranty.  Next term a new device will be available through an online portal - an email will be sent to relevant parents closer to the date.  


Thank you to all parents and students for supporting our Chromebook program.  It is an essential part of our curriculum and helps maximise learning opportunities and outcomes. 


Please be advised we are now accepting nominations for the ELMS (Enhanced Learning in Maths and Science) Entrance Test for students currently in Years 7 - 9. 


Please complete the following Google Forms to register your child for these tests. The scheduled dates for Term 3 Week 9/10 (weeks beginning Monday 6/13 August) are subject to change, so please nominate to receive updates. 



Please note if you wish to nominate for both Maths and Science you MUST complete both Google Forms.


Students that are currently in the ELMS programs are NOT required to complete the entrance test. However if you are in one of the programs (eg. Maths) but not currently in Science ELMS you will have to nominate for this Science ELMS test if you wish to be considered.


Only students who have completed the Google Forms will be able to complete the tests.

Please note: Nominations CLOSE Wednesday 25 August at 3pm


Any questions, please email Emma Mullane on


Term 3 Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences will be taking place on Thursday 2 September and Monday 6 September. These conversations will again be undertaken online, with teachers being available for 5 minute interviews. Bookings will be made via Compass. More information about this event will be provided in the coming weeks. 


Please ensure your child wears a proper bicycle helmet when riding to school and they take extra care when travelling the narrow streets of McKinnon. We are very worried that some students do not exercise sufficient care on the roads. Likewise, we ask all parents to drive and park cautiously around the College before/after school, and to be mindful of the many students riding bicycles to and from the College.  


If your child rides their bike to school, they must lock it securely to the bike racks provided behind the Hall. Please ensure they have a sturdy bike lock and never leave their bikes overnight at school. Please note, students must not ride scooters or skateboards to school.