Despite the snap lockdown I am so reassured with the efforts of my staff who with incredible professionalism, dedication and calm went back into remote learning. I thank them all on everyone’s behalf.


The students also worked so effectively despite the inconvenience. Again I am so grateful that we have the infrastructure and technology in place to accommodate the situations that arise.


Given the difficulties being experienced in New South Wales and Queensland with the Delta strain of the virus we need to do all we can to assist our entire community to be safe and COVID free.


Masks are mandatory and I require everyone to ensure all students are wearing their masks as they leave the home. It’s a very small imposition that is much appreciated.


Congratulations to James Liao, Aliyah Mink, and Erisha Tayal who have been recognised with a Premier’s VCE Award for their outstanding academic results in 2020.


James Liao and Aliyah Mink both received a Study Award for Further Mathematics, and Erisha Tayal received an award for Applied Computing: Software Development.


The annual Premier’s VCE Awards recognise the top-performing students in the state. This year, 297 students were recognised with awards for their outstanding results.


The entire McKinnon community is proud of James, Aliyah and Erisha, and would like to congratulate them on being the recipients of such a prestigious award.


We would also like to recognise the hard work and dedication of Ms Lauren Mauger (Further Mathematics), Ms Svetlana Beliavski (Further Mathematics) and Mr Calum Munro (Applied Computing: Software Development) who were the classroom teachers of James, Aliyah and Erisha last year.


To read more about the Premier’s VCE Awards, visit:


How fortunate we were to see the Year 12 Music Performance class perform at their recital. They really were “fuel for the soul”.


It was an evening that showcased incredible talent.




I congratulate all the students, Mr Kurowski and thank everyone who was in attendance to support the class.


I thank families for all their co-operation with these online choices. These selections are so important for determining classes that will run next year.


The online videos were so very informative. Planning begins this week. Later in the year students will indeed be interviewed. No one will have access to an enhancement unless they are demonstrating exceptional capabilities in their current studies. Enhancement is seen as an opportunity for very academically capable students and students who have the maturity to cope with additional pressure.


Thank you to everyone for the exceptional effort with uniform. I want this to be continued. It takes everyone working together. The two non negotiables are for students to be at school by 8:30am and for uniform to be worn appropriately. To me this is fundamental to our value of respect.


Again I do appreciate everyone working together on these matters.


I hope everyone has immersed themselves into the Olympics. To watch athletes who have dedicated their lives flying our flag in their given field is inspiring. I hope our students see that people can work hard to achieve their goals. I have really seen so much gratitude and appreciation amongst competitors and this has indeed been a hallmark of these Tokyo games. Win or lose it really doesn’t matter. They are all there because of courage and endeavour.


Thank you to the Year 9 Leadership Team and all the staff who attended the Year 9 camp this week.


It was indeed wonderful to see everyone packed ready to go on the buses.


These activities are absolutely crucial for student’s wellbeing and development.


Albeit a little cold it was a most successful trip.