On Wednesday 23 June the library hosted a special event. Our book club members browsed the latest book releases and selected some exciting books for the library collection. Sue and Oonagh from local booksellers Benn's Books visited bringing a large number of lovely new books. Approximately 15 book club members attended along with Ms Gim Gibbs (Book Club Coordinator).


The most popular books included:

  • Everything We Keep by Di Walker
  • Lock the Doors by Vincent Ralph
  • Lore by Alexandra Bracken
  • The Obsession by Jess Q Susanto
  • The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni


McKinnon students can rate and review books in Oliver, our library catalogue.


To write a review, students just search for the book and click on the 'write a review' link.

Students can change the font size, colour and style, as well as adding bold, italics or underline. There is also the option of creating bulleted or numbered lists. They can even add emojis. As with all reviews, they need to be approved by library staff before they will appear in our library catalogue.


Cardboard Cowboys by Brian Conaghan


Multi-award-winning author Brian Conaghan's latest book first book is a future classic brimming with humour and heart. 


Even though I found him living in a house made of cardboard, Bruce is a massive legend. FACT. So this mine and Bruce's story. You don't have to believe it happened, but it did. All of it.


Nobody at school can see past Lenny's size to the person within. So when lessons get too tough, Lenny always goes to his bench to think. At least there no one can see him. Then one day, midway through lobbing his empty can of Irn-Bru into the canal he's stopped by Bruce. Bruce lives in a cardboard home hidden away by the banks, and he doesn't approve of kids messing up his front lawn ...But a bumpy start soon gives way to an unexpected friendship - and an epic road trip - that will change both of them for life ...


A Weekend with Oscar by Robyn Bavati


A moving novel about loss, first love and being there for your family, no matter what.


Sixteen-year-old Jamie lives with his mum and his younger brother Oscar, who has Down syndrome. Though Jamie is still grieving the loss of his dad, life starts to look up when he meets Zara, the new girl at school. When their mum goes away for the weekend, Jamie volunteers to look after Oscar. But when the weekend is over and their mother doesn’t return, Jamie faces the toughest challenge of his life.


Janene Watson

Resource Centre Manager