To finish up Term 2, Year 8 Maths ELMS classes completed a couple of fun 3D shapes activities applying their knowledge of surface area and volume. Firstly, we calculated the surface area of some Angry Birds by measuring their two dimensional nets, and then of course constructed the Angry Birds! We also discussed the process of measuring accurately and human error in our results.


Then the classes were tasked with designing a new Slurpee container for a 7-Eleven promotion. Their containers had to be designed to hold 1L of Slurpee, contain at least two different three dimensional shapes and be practical for people to drink out of. Some weird and wonderful Slurpee containers were seen across all three classes. 


Emma Griffingham

Year 8 Maths ELMS teacher


Angry Birds reflections:


I thought that this activity was a fun break from constantly doing textbook questions! I liked how we were able to have fun and be creative trying to figure out how to make it (especially the ears or feathers). From this activity I learnt how big of a difference people's results were. I understood that people can have completely different results even though they have the same shape to measure. 


Ariela Sack

Year 8J


I think that this activity delivered an insight into the area of how people estimate things and human errors.


Francis Eather

Year 8I


I thought this was very interesting and exciting. I enjoyed that we got a bit of time away from doing exercises and filling in notes. Although some Maths was involved in this task I still think it was a good task to do straight after the exam. Overall I learnt that people will most likely have different measurements when measuring. 


Lydia Song

Year 8K


I found the activity interesting. It was cool to see how the surface area on different people's angry birds differed and I found the activity fun and good to do.


Dylan Galgut

Year 8K

Slurpee Project reflections:


To end our first semester in Year 8 ELMS on a fun note, we completed the Slurpee project. During this project, we applied the knowledge learnt during our measurement unit to create 3D designs for 7-Eleven Slurpee cups. This project encouraged our creativity to flow and create unique shapes made up of prisms, pyramids, spheres, cones and more. But like always, learning must continue - volume and surface area of our cups were calculated and written out. Perhaps one day the products of our creative geniuses will surface, but until then, our designs remain sketched on graph paper.


Hunar Nijjer

Year 8B


The Slurpee project is a task aimed to provide students with a space to learn new concepts, bring out their creativity, and ultimately improve their problem solving skills. In this project, students are required to design a new Slurpee container, which is unique and different from the usual cup. It has to be up to 1 litre in volume, and participants have to find the exact volume and surface area of the shape. 


I really enjoyed this task because it encouraged me to put myself outside of my comfort zone by designing a creative - and challenging to calculate - shape. This task inspired and reminded me, and perhaps many others, of the significance of Maths in the real world.


Leonardo Goldberg

Year 8A


The Slurpee container project was a fun, creative project to finish off the busy term. After weeks of revision and exams, the last thing everyone wanted was to start learning a new topic, so when our teacher announced that we were doing this project, the whole class was excited and buzzing with fun ideas. We had to create a new Slurpee container that could be used in 7-Eleven and then calculate the volume of the container. Overall, this project was definitely a fun one, that the whole class loved doing. 


Caitlyn Sin Mew Cheung

Year 8I


In the last few lessons of maths, the Year 8s ELMS classes thought it would be exciting to finish the semester with an entertaining Slurpee activity where you designed and created a new/advanced Slurpee cup structure for 7-Eleven. It was challenging because we had to try to make the final measurements for the whole volume equal or close to 1L. We enjoyed designing our bottle, because it was an attraction to the eye, the final copy looked magnificent and overall we loved our efforts.


Charlotte Chu, Year 8J and Katelyn Nguyen, Year 8I


Our Slurpee cup is so good that no other cups will come close.


Luke Benedek

Year 8K