Performing Arts

Instrumental Music Lessons at Cranbourne Secondary College 2019


Students at Cranbourne Secondary College have the fantastic opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments with some of the best and most experienced professional instructors in the state.


Our Instrumental Music students have formed some very successful bands, having won several awards in the South East Region Rockfest competition, including Best Band, and many awards for best instrumentalist (bass, vocals, drums, etc.). Each student enrolled in our program has the opportunity to join a band or ensemble. Many Cranbourne Secondary students have gone on to have careers in music performance and production. 


One to one, 30 minute lessons are held at school, during school hours and are around half the price lessons outside of school. A rotating timetable ensures students won’t miss out on the same classroom subjects too often. They will only be out of class for half a period.




Benefits of learning a musical instrument at school:

  • Student engagement
  • Student wellbeing
  • School attendance
  • Personal and social development
  • Transfer of skills to other areas
  • Student involvement at school
  • Provides opportunities for student ownership of learning through performances
  • Develops team working skills
  • Positive social interactions through ensemble rehearsals and performances


Lessons are currently available for drums, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, guitar (electric/acoustic or bass) & flute.

 The cost of lessons is only $125 per term and a minimum of 8 lessons will be made available in each terms (students attending all scheduled lessons can receive up to 40 lessons per year).