We have had some exciting things happening in Humanities this term, with multiple excursion and incursions running.


Year 10 Entrepreneurs Unearthed - Apple excursion

On Tuesday 5th March Ms Brennan’s and Mrs Sherlock’s classes went on an excursion to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre to visit the Apple store to learn about coding and programming. When we arrived at the store we began by all of us gathering around the desk while the employees introduced themselves and handed out some Apple badges. After that they explained a bit about programming and coding with how it’s used in all sorts of technologies then we proceeded onto an activity where we split into groups and armed with an iPad we “coded” the other person to navigate around the store (without them bumping into each other). Once everyone had completed that we moved onto iPads to code a character to collect gems, move around and activate pressure plates while teaching us about how coding works and how functions in coding works. Finally, we split into groups again and were given a ‘Sphero’ each to code around a maze. Students figured out how to code turns, control the speeds and change sounds, lights and text on the Sphero and move it successfully around the maze.




Year 10 Century of Change - Memorial Box Incursion




Kody Possingham