In 2019 the EAL population has reached the high figure of 116 students, thus enrichening the cultural diversity within our school community. The most popular community languages spoken are Dari, Farsi and Urdu. However, other languages are also represented within our EAL cohort. The EAL program offers parallel to English EAL classes ranging from Years 7-12 inclusive. To assist our students with their learning we have the following EAL staff on board: Ms Burnham, Ms Fernando, Mrs Maclean, Mrs O'Shea, Ms Radivo and Mr Peterson. To make our EAL program a successful one we have the wonderful assistance of a team of dedicated mulcultural aides who attend classes and assist EAL learners with their education on a daily basis. Our multicultural aides are Maida Kanwal, Masroor Ahmed, Danukshi Dharmasiri and Mr Stephen Phillips.



Amongst our EAL students are students who are taking part in extracurricular activities, such as members of the Multipride group. Throughout the year, Cranbourne Secondary College receives an intake of New Arrival EAL students from Noble Park English Language School and they are gladly welcomed by EAL students who once attended the Language School in the past. We wish all of our EAL staff and students a highly productive and successful year.



Ms Radivo

EAL Co-ordinator