I would like to use this opportunity in the Newsletter to recognise the often forgotten individuals who contribute so much to the fabric of our College. I am referring to the parents on School Council who volunteer their services over many years and who have contributed so much both individually and collectively to our school. Not only do they have to attend regular school council meetings and listen to boring reports from the Principal, but they are also on sub committees, involved in fund raising events, represent the College at community functions and often lobby hard in the background to provide enhanced opportunities for our school.


More specifically, I would like to recognise two long serving members of our school council in Elvira Ritzert and Cynthia Isaacs. Both have been on Council for many years and have given so much of themselves to help the school in many ways. Elvira is current School Council President and will be remembered most for her lobbying of the State Government, which eventually led to the funding of our multi-million dollar building program that is so important to our school community. Elvira still continues in her role as Council President today. Cynthia recently finished on school council after her daughter Bianca graduated in the class of 2018. Cynthia was not only able to support Bianca during her years at our College, but she was able to help with many College wide events and we will dearly miss her.



Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to encourage all parents to become involved in the school if they are able to. We value and rely on that support and parents generally enjoy the opportunity to be able to contribute to the school in such a positive manner. Please contact our Community Liaison Officer Annette Evans if you would like to get involved in our College.


I hope all members of our school community enjoy the Easter break coming up in the next few weeks.


I hope you enjoy our newsletter.



John Jovic










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