From the Assistant Principal

Cody Twyford

From the Assistant Principal - Cody Twyford

Welcome to Term 4! 

This time of year, generally we start to think that things are quieting down, but it's the complete opposite! We have a jam packed term, and we can't wait to share it all with you. 


Year 12 Exams 

We have two exams this year, and we wish the students the next of luck! 

General Mathematics Exam - 4/11/2020 starting at 1.30pm (Week 4).

Psychology Exam - 11/11/2020 starting at 9am (Week 5). 



Parent, please call Sarah, our Admin SSO, to register your interest for the 2020 Yearbook - just call 8651 2306. Students, please vote on your favourite front cover design in the Library, made by your peers. 


Student Sport Nominations 

There are so many sports coming up for Year 8 and 9 students. Each student has the opportunity to nominate themselves to be a part of these. Term 4 sports include KOC Volleyball in Week 2 on Wednesday, KOC Basketball in Week 4 on Wednesday. The purpose of these sports is not only to develop our skills and learn in new environments but to also work together as a team and demonstrate school pride. 


Year 12 Students

You are finishing at the end of Week 2 - we wish you all the very best success for the rest of 2020 and beyond. We can't wait to hear all the great things you will accomplish. Please keep in contact with us, we always enjoy hearing back from you. 


Student Leadership Opportunities for 2021

Students will have to opportunity to select their peers or self-nominate themselves for a student leadership position next year, in Week 4. The process is held in homegroup, following last years success. Student leadership position include Student Representative Council, Arts Captain, ATSI Captain. 

Kind regards, 

Cody Twyford