From the Deputy Principal

Jenny Coe

From the Deputy Principal - Jenny Coe

School Based Apprenticeships 

What’s new on the VET Scene?

The Federal Government in the recent budget announced additional incentives for Employers to take on Apprentices. These incentives are significant and hopefully drive increased opportunities for our young people. 

I will be talking to the Peterborough Business Association in the near future about School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships and I am sure the incentives will come up. 

The Peterborough Vocational Education Course that will run Face to Face in 2021 are up and ready to start. 

Automotive Servicing, Engineering Pathways and Kitchen Operations have the course numbers for 2021. 

If there are any community members, parents and or students who have questions about these courses please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at PHS on 86512306.


Open Night 

As part of our Open Night offerings the Home Economics students will be part of an interactive activity that will give Opening Night attendees the opportunity to be involved in a practical activity with the students. 

We look forward to doing this activity with you on the night. 

The type of activity will be a surprise but one where you will be able to eat your mistakes!


Jenny Coe