Book Week - Funky Friday.

Dress up day, Book Drive, Virtual Book Fair.



Today, our Funky Friday theme was Book Week.  Fiction heroes, villains and magicians have invaded CJC!  Thank you to all for participating in this colourful event.  Every opportunity is a good one to learn while having fun.  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Aujourd’hui, le thème de nos Funky Fridays était la Semaine du Livre.  Superhéros, bandits et magiciens ont envahi notre école !  Merci à tous pour votre participation à cet évènement haut en couleurs, nous profitons de toutes les occasions offertes pour apprendre tout en s’amusant.  Bon weekend à tous !


Don't forget, we have lots happening next week for Book Week!

  • Book Week - Book Drive, Wednesday 21st October.
  • Lamont Virtual Book Fair - 19th October to 23rd October. - Link to book fair


We are not holding a book fair on site this year.  Lamont have arranged a virtual book fair for us.  Browse the online catalogue for some amazing deals on new books!  Any books ordered will be delivered direct to your homes.  



The ‘click here’ button on the right is a direct link to the sales page, which will become available on the morning of Monday the 19th of October.  Please note, if you are ordering, orders must be placed that week. It will not be able to be held open for late orders.

  • Classroom activities and Library lunchtime activities

There will be lots of activities happening in the classrooms and in the Library to support Book Week too!


Library Roster

Students will begin their library lessons from next week.  (Alternate Weeks)

Please ensure your child brings any outstanding library books and that they pop their library bags into their school bag for their rostered days.


Week A (Beginning19th October)

Tuesday - 3/4A - 1/2A - 2G

Wednesda - 3D - 3E - Prep C - Prep D

Thursday - 5/6C - 1/2C - Prep B - Prep A

Friday - 3/4B - 1/2B - 1D - 1E


Week B (Beginning 26th October)

Wednesday - 6F - 6G - 2F - 5/6A

Thursday - 3/4C - 5/6B

Friday - 5D - 5E - 4F - 4G