From the School Leadership Team,

From Mr. Chant- Principal

The return to school this week was an exciting time indeed for our students, staff and the families who make up our very special school community. The classrooms were well prepared and the children all returned confidently and independently to their learning spaces.


Thanks to those families who have returned home learning devices. We still have a large number of devices yet to be returned. We need these back so we can prepare them for school use. Please make this a priority for early next week.


We are operating under COVID guidelines as set by DET, and the Health Department. We are not opening the school to unnecessary adult visits on-site. Families need to ensure all essential items (including hats, drink bottles, cutlery etc.) are in school bags. We need to restrict external contact, and so we ask families to be respectful of these arrangements and refrain from dropping these items into the office throughout the day.

We have added some quotes from our children into the newsletter today to highlight the immense value that positive social relationships play in any school setting.


Henry - “the best part about coming back to school is seeing all my friends and playing with them”


Many thanks to our parents and friends who have ensured the pick ups and drop offs continue to go so smoothly. Please demonstrate proper physical distancing when congregating at the school gates. 


A reminder to our older students to remember they will access their classrooms from 9am (unless they have escorted a junior school sibling to class) so please manage your arrival to school to be as close to the designated 9am entry time as possible.


Frida - “the best part about coming back to school has been my friends”


Yesterday the good weather allowed many extra students to ride their bikes. This meant the bike shed was overflowing and we will need to modify the bike parking arrangements to accommodate these extra machines. Remember to walk your bike in the school yard.


Ari - “the best part about coming back to school is being able to learn things faster”


Information regarding the 2021 stationery packs for students has been sent out via Compass.

Families will have two choices. 

  • Provide all items on the list


  • Go online in Compass and approve the school to order the entire pack on your behalf. This is located in the Events section of your portal.

This needs to be completed before November 5th.


One of our teachers has spent some amazing holiday time creating a personalised crochet square for the students in her shared classes. This is amazing and is a keepsake that will remind the students of a 2020 school year unlike any other we have endured.


Next Thursday 22nd October, is Footy Colours Day.  Wear your favourite team's colours.  

There is a public holiday on Friday 23rd.  No school that day.


As our families have returned to school this week we are being made aware of their 2021 plans with some families leaving the school and moving interstate, places within our state, or overseas to new countries. Please let the office know in writing or via email if you are not intending to return to us next year so we can adjust our planning and potentially offer spaces to other families who are wanting to join the school.


Back to school.

Settling back into routines is important as the children return to on site learning. 

  • Clothing needs to be clearly labelled.
  • Hats must be named.
  • Children need to be on-site at the correct times so lessons can commence smoothly.
  • Limit distractions/ disruptions across the day. If possible please schedule any appointments outside school hours.

Coming back to school has presented some challenges for everyone. Many of our children have worked through unprecedented pressures learning from home, parents have worked in circumstances that have been less than ideal and we have all struggled to battle the COVID lockdown. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we have attached some resources to support your understanding of these significant challenges we all face around mental health and wellbeing.



Monique - “the best part about coming back to school is to see all my friends again”


Many students have been bringing to school the plastic collectables from a national supermarket chain to share and swap. This is not allowed under the Operations Guide provided by DET and we ask that these collectables stay at home.


Maya - “the best part about coming back to school has been seeing all my friends and teachers in person.” 



Over the coming weeks our school leaders will be making available Remembrance Day poppies before school as children and families arrive each day. They will be located at the main gate most mornings and visit each other gate once for the week for families to purchase these items. Please have correct coins/amounts as there will no change provided.

An assortment is available: $2 Poppy, $3 Bracelet, $4 Key ring, $5 Poppy.


Reminder,  Don't forget to vote in your council elections.