Food Technology

Year 7A Food Technology

Term One for the Year 7 Food Technology students has been a challenging, but fun one.

With the old Food Tech wing having been demolished during the holidays, and the new Food Tech wing not completed, the Year 7’s had to adapt to cooking in the Student Centre. Without an oven, fridge or many utensils, it was a real challenge, but the students adapted very well with this.

We managed to make golf balls, baked potatoes and funny face biscuits, which was lots of fun.


But the real excitement was when it was announced we were able to move into the new kitchen. Our first lesson in there consisted of familiarisation with the kitchen, equipment and utensils, and going over safety and hygiene matters.

And then we were up and away, cooking. In pairs, the students chopped, beat and mixed and produced trays full of delicious mini quiches. There will be no stopping the creativity in the kitchen from now on.


A big thankyou to all the helpers this term in the Student Centre: Miss. Howden, Mrs. Newberry, Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Hooper and Mrs. Walker, and to all of the students who cooperated and participated exceptionally well.


Mrs. Powlett