Interview with a Boxer

By:  Ellie Sharples

If somehow you haven’t heard about Mitch Pesti fight, just ask him! Whilst talking to Mitch, I learnt about the training and preparation he does before a boxing match, as well as his motivation to start boxing and his aspirations for the future.


Trained by Steve Stranks (Southern Pride Boxing Club, Beaufort), Mitch started boxing a year ago. His weekly training schedule includes three, two-hour sessions with coach, Steve, as well as bag work at home. This keeps him in peak physical condition. In preparation for fights, Mitch will increase his training sessions, spar with older and heavier boxers and commit to strict diets to meet his weight requirements for weigh-in.


In the last two fights, Mitch was paired with boys taller and older than him. On Sunday 24th February at the Reggio Calabrio Club, Brunswick, Mitch showcased his skill as a boxer; listening to everything Steve told him, showing his opponent respect while receiving very little and not being drawn in by taunts, Mitch kept focussed and with the support of the club, family and friends, he won the fight and earned his place in the semi-finals for Junior State Title.


The semi-finals for Junior State Title were held at the Arnold Classic, Melbourne, this weekend just past. The competition was part of the Fitness Expo, and as a result, the atmosphere was very noisy with thousands of people milling around watching various competitions and hoping for a glimpse of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mitch had trained hard and had peaked at the perfect time for this match. By relying on all his training, guidance from his coach and plenty of support from the club and family, Mitch won a hard-fought battle for a shot at Junior State Titles, to be held in the next couple of weeks.


While thinking about boxing prior to the interview, I envisioned Mitch in the corner of a ring, punching a bag whilst “Eye of the Tiger” was blasting through a speaker. When I asked Mitch if this was the case, I got a laugh and was told that the vision was more or less true.


Well, what made him start such an extreme hobby? Being athletic and enjoying hobbies, Mitch thought “why not take up boxing?”. Mitch makes boxing seem easy, but the passion and dedication he has invested into this sport is truly inspirational.


I wanted to take Mitch back to the scene his last fight. “Mitch, weren’t you nervous?”. “Yes”, he replied. Considering that Mitch won, I am surmising he was able to channel all that nervous energy into a well-executed fight.


Everyone be sure to congratulate Mitch on his impressive fights and share your support for the Junior State Title. We are all behind you, Mitch!!!