Principal's Report

From the Principal's Desk

Our School Council Election process has been completed for 2019-20. Congratulations to new and re-elected members – their contribution to the governance of our school is greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank retiring members for their input and support in fulfilling their important role on School Council.


Parent members 2019-20

Colin Gerrard

Louise Crowley

Kim Peacock

Jodie Harris

Ann Greymans

Troy McLinden

Ashley McErvale


Staff members

Belinda Evans

Jacki Kerr

Kathie Pitt

Kate McGinty


Student members

Ashleigh Crowley

(One further position to be determined at our March 26th meeting)


Co-opted members (positions to be determined at our March 26th meeting)


PFA Representative

Community Representative



Our first meeting for the Beaufort Secondary College 2019-20 School Council will commence at 6.30pm on Tuesday March 26th. The first 30 minutes of this meeting will involve electing office bearers for the new School Council. At 7.00pm we will break from the proceedings of the School Council Meeting to present the 2017 Beaufort Secondary College Annual Report in a public meeting format, which members of the Beaufort Secondary College community are welcome to attend. At 7.30pm we will resume our first School Council Meeting for 2019-20. Once again, congratulations and thanks to our new and existing School Council members.



Our Year 7 2020 Information Evening was held on Tuesday night in our brand new  Food Technology Wing. The purpose of the evening was to provide information about our school for parents thinking about choosing BSC for their child’s secondary education. Three of our Year 7 students Isabelle Mulquiny, Eric Wilkinson and Dallas Smart spoke about their experiences as they transitioned into our school from their respective primary schools – they did an excellent job with their presentations. Our School Captains, Rhiannon Goossens and Tiarna Pratley, shared their experiences of our school as students and leaders. It was terrific to hear the insights of the students in relation to how they see our school and it was pleasing to hear how complimentary they were about what we have to offer.


It was also wonderful to take the prospective parents and students on a guided tour of the school, including our new buildings. Although there are still quite a few finishing touches to complete, there has been clear and rapid progress since the beginning of the year. At the start of next term we should see buildings completed and the basics of the landscaping completed. There will still be projects and further renovations for us to complete but the major Capital Works project will be finished. This will give us an opportunity to ‘recalibrate’ and revisit our school culture and expectations in a ‘new’ physical environment by building on the strong foundations we already have in place.


Congratulations to our staff and students for the Athletics Carnival, which was held last Friday. We will be presenting awards at our assembly next Tuesday, but I would like to highlight that it was a terrific day with a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, as well as quite a bit fun throughout the day to complement the competitive spirit. The students were outstanding. Thanks must go to Miss. Vernon for organising and running the day – it went off without a hitch but it takes time, effort and commitment to achieve such a result. Thanks to our staff for their tireless work and in particular to the staff who set up early in the morning and packed up at the end, as well as Mr. Crouch who came in on his day off to take control of the microphone, keeping us informed and entertained for the day. It was also fantastic to see parents, grandparents and friends there to support our young people. Thanks and well done to all!