Child Safety

Parent–School Relationships Code of Conduct 

At Holy Family School we are committed to nurturing respectful relationships and active partnerships with you as parents. We believe that our students’ learning journeys are enriched through the positive and reciprocal home and school relationships. As parents, you act as one of the most influential role models in your child’s life. We, therefore, seek your support in promoting and upholding the core values of the school community and its 

culture of respectful relationships. This Code of Conduct is intended to guide you in your dealings with staff, other parents, students and the wider school community. It articulates the school’s key expectations of both staff and parents with regard to respectful relationships and behaviours. It also specifies the school’s position with regard to unacceptable behaviours that breach our culture of respect. This Code of Conduct is to be read in conjunction with the school’s Complaints and Grievances Policies 


We strive to develop the following: 

• respect for the innate dignity and worth of every person 

• an ability to understand the situation of others 

• a cooperative attitude in working with others 

• open, positive and honest communication 

• the ability to work respectfully with other people 

• trusting relationships 

• responsible actions.


Visit our website to view a copy of the Parent–SchoolRelationships Code of Conduct


Suzanne Deefholts

Child Safety Officer