Maths Talk - through problem-solving and reasoning.

For today's world, critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning and the ability to communicate mathematically are essential skills in Mathematics and are a focus at St Joseph the Worker.


It is important for teachers and parents to engage with children in thinking and talking about mathematics around the three strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, Statistics and Probability. 


Communicating with Children Using Maths Language


Maths Talk: Talking about mathematics with your child – whatever his or her age – helps strengthen his or her oral language, mathematical reasoning and understanding.  Some ways to keep the talk engaged and focused while you support your child include:

  1. Revoice - Repeat what you heard your child say, then ask for clarification (e.g., “So you are saying the number 23 is an odd number”).
  2. Repeat/Restate  – Ask your child to restate your reasoning (e.g., “Can you repeat what I said in your own words?”).
  3. Reason – Ask your child to apply his or her own reasoning to someone else’s reasoning (e.g., “Do you agree or disagree? Tell me why.”).
  4. Adding On – Prompt your child to participate further (e.g., “What more would you add to that?”).
  5. Think Time – Wait several seconds (try five) to give your child time to think (e.g., “Take some time to think.”). You may be surprised by how hard it is to stay silent in that time!
  6. Terminology - Don't be afraid to use correct Mathematical terms and take time to explain or clarify for understanding (e.g., 2D means two dimensional, as the shape has the dimensions of length and width, 3D means three dimensional, as the object has the dimensions of length, width and depth.)