Dear Families, 


It is lovely to touch base with you all in my new role as REL.  I had the pleasure of meeting some of our Prep families on the first day of school and at the recent Orientation evening and look forward to making more connections with families as the year progresses. 


Term One is certainly well underway and there has been a lot of great learning happening across the school in all areas and the area of Religious Education has been no exemption. 


Unfortunately, we missed some of our usual liturgical celebrations due to the COVID 19 restrictions, but we have made up for this by the great work happening in classrooms. 


We are currently in the special season of Lent, which is a six-week period beginning on Ash Wednesday and leading up to Easter.  During this time, we prepare for the resurrection of our Lord by trying to become deeper people.  We are challenged to think of others and to grow closer to God through prayer and by going without special treats and we are encouraged to donate money to those in need.  One of the charities, we support as a school and parish, is Caritas. You may be familiar with this charity through their “Project Compassion” campaign and the work they do in developing communities. Their philosophy is to assist the people in these communities to become self sufficient so that their contribution is an ongoing one that can lead to permanent change.  This year the theme for “Project Compassion” is based on a quote by Oscar Romero - Strive not to have more but to be more.  This quote is a great reminder to all of us during this time of Lent.  So often we get caught up with the things that we think we need to make us happy whereas, in reality, helping others leads to a greater sense of satisfaction. 


Each classroom has been given a Project Compassion box and we are encouraging the students to think of simple ways that they can raise money to fill this box.  Whilst it is nice to just donate extra money, we urge you to make the students earn this contribution by doing extra jobs or tasks for others so that they get a real sense of having worked to improve the life of another person. 




One person that the St Joseph School community is currently making a difference to, is Vivien Frank, our sponsored child from St. Jude’s Community in Tanzania.  Vivien is currently in Year 3 and I have attached a copy of her recent letter, which shows just how much of a difference we are making in her life.  If your children are feeling bored or getting under your feet any time over the weekend – challenge them to find out what they can about Tanzania and then share their discoveries in class next week. May God’s blessings be with you and your loved ones.