Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Guardians,


 During the last two weeks we have been busy with tours of our school and in every classroom, l have visited, students have been engaged in their learning, happy to explain what they are doing and to talk about our wonderful school. 


Tours are continuing so if you know anyone who is interested in visiting our school, please encourage them to contact the office and join a tour.  

An Inspirational Effort 

Congratulations to Anthony in SLA who recently had all his hair shaved in support of the World’s Greatest Shave.  Funds donated by Anthony’s family and friends will support research into Leukaemia. I am inspired by Anthony’s efforts to support his community and grateful that our community has acknowledged and supported him in his efforts to make a difference.  Well done Anthony.   



Congratulations to Jess Milesi and family on the safe arrival of their daughter Mae Elizabeth on March 4th.  


Working together

 At St Joseph the Worker, we strive to be a safe, supportive and respectful learning community where the wellbeing of all is paramount.  We implement a number of strategies and approaches to promote an inclusive and supportive environment for our students where everyone feels safe, supported and respected, and where bullying is not accepted.  


At the current time, we have a number of students using inappropriate language to their peers on the yard.  We have addressed this with our students and in the spirit of working together, l ask all families to remind their children to be careful with the language they use. 




School Advisory Board

 On Tuesday, 2nd March we had our first meeting for the year. This year the governance structure for Catholic Schools has changed to Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS).  Previously, schools were governed by the Parish Priest.  As a result, there is a change in name from School Advisory Board to School Advisory Council.  The role remains the same and the council continues to be an important vehicle for consultation between parish, school and parents, and act as a connection point between the wider school community and school leaders.  Through this forum, parent representatives share their wisdom and offer support to me as principal, and the strategic interests of the school.  While they do not share in governance responsibilities, they play a vital role in informing and advising me and our school leadership team. 


I thank the members of our School Advisory Council for their contribution and ongoing support:

Parish Priest: Fr Manny Bonello

Deputy Principal: Maria Raso 

Chairperson: Vanessa Rendina 

Secretary: Belinda Calello

Executive General Member: Jed Nalder Fundraising General Member: Sera De Pace General Member: Vanessa Bonacci 

General Member: Cliff Kinahoi 

General Member: Romina Nicolazzo

General Member: Vanessa Bonanzinga


Book Fair

 Special thanks to Rosa Adorno for organising our Book Fair again this year.  I hope many of our students and families take this opportunity to visit the library and purchase a book for their child. 


Emergency Management Plan (EMP)

 St Joseph the Worker Primary School has a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that addresses site-specific hazards and threats that have the potential to result in emergencies and critical incidents which may occur.  An important part of our plan is to test emergency response procedures by conducting drills each term.  As we did not have the opportunity to revisit these procedures consistently last year, we will be conducting an evacuation drill next Friday, March 26.  To support our students with this, we will be discussing this in the lead up to our practise drill. If you feel that your child may be anxious, please reassure them that this is just a practise! 


School Fees

Thank you to all the parents who have paid their school fees in full.  For those paying instalments, the first instalment and the Curriculum Levy are now due.  It is important that all fees and levies are paid on time to enable the school to meet our financial commitments. 


Traffic Management & Safety 

A friendly reminder to all parents that if you need to exit your car to assist your child when using the drive-through in the morning, then please park in the car park. I understand that some students need support with their belongings however, parents leaving their cars to assist their children slows the traffic and causes a backlog in Wilson Blvd.  If your child needs support, please park so that you can safely support them without causing disruption to the other parents who want to move quickly through the drive through.  Also, can parents please remind their child/ren to use the crossing when walking to and from school?  The crossing is supervised to support students’ safety however Karemi has informed me that a number of our students are not using the crossing when arriving or leaving school. Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 

Prayer to Saint Joseph by Pope Francis


Hail, Guardian of the Redeemer,

Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


To you God entrusted his only Son

In you Mary placed her trust:

With you Christ became human.


Blessed Joseph, to us too,

Show yourself a father

And guide us in the path of life.

Obtain for us grace, mercy and courage

And defend us from every evil.



We ask St Joseph the Worker to continue to bless our wonderful Parish and School Community.



Maria Barnes