Primary Campus Report

From the Primary

Campus Principal

Welcome back to all our new and existing primary students and families. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is looking forward to an exciting year ahead full of learning and enjoyment. Firstly, well done to all students on the way they conducted themselves across the first few days of the school year with the extreme heat we experienced. The way students adjusted was a true reflection to their character and resilience. Thank you to all our families for their support also.


It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces during our first few days back. Students have returned refreshed and engaged to achieve their best and walking throughout the learning street there is wonderful teaching and learning happening.


Our Preps had a wonderful start on Tuesday and have settled into school life with ease. It was great seeing parents, grandparents and other family members supporting the prep students on their first day. It was also wonderful to see our first group of Year 5 students on our Primary Campus. These students will also stay with us in 2021 to become our first Year 6 students. This is extremely exciting as a senior primary school will add a different purpose to our programs and the maturity within our campus.


Even though some things have changed, some things continue to stay the same in 2020. We will continue to provide students with the best opportunity to maximise their learning and strive for excellence.  Please be reminded that students need to be wearing their school hat during all recess and lunch breaks in Terms 1 and 4.  It has been great seeing students in correct school uniform to start 2020. Please be reminded that students need to have all black shoes as part of our uniform policy. Any issues, please speak to your child’s teacher or come in and speak with a member of the Leadership Team. Please note, there has also been a slight change to our Primary Assemblies in 2020.  They will now run every fortnight starting at 2:20 pm in our Primary Gym.


The dates are as followed:

Week 4: Friday 21st February @ 2:20 pm

Week 6: Friday 6th March @ 2:20 pm

Week 8: Friday 20th March @ 2:20 pm

Week 9: Friday 27th March @ 12:25 pm (End of Term Assembly)


Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for all your support.