Assistant Principal's Report

NESA Requirements

re: Warning Letters


NSW Education Standard Authority (NESA) has produced a criteria for the satisfactory completion of a course; 


A student is considered to have satisfactorily completed a course if, in the principal’s view, there is sufficient evidence that the student has:


  1. followed the course developed or endorsed by the NESA;
  2. applied themselves with diligence and sustained effort to the set tasks and experiences provided in the course by the school; and
  3. achieved some or all of the course outcomes.

NESA does not set a minimum attendance for the satisfactory completion of a course. The principal may determine that, as a result of absence, the above course completion criteria might not be met. 

If a student is in danger of not meeting these minimum requirements,  a 'N' determination can be made. The ‘N’ determinations provide warnings of non-completion of course requirements.


If at any time it appears that a student is at risk of receiving a ‘N’ determination (non-completion of course requirements) in any course, the principal must:

  1. advise the student of the tasks or actions to be undertaken in time for the problem to be corrected and alert the student to the possible consequences of a ‘N’ determination;
  2. advise the parent or guardian in writing (if the student is under the age of 18);
  3. request from the student/parent/guardian a written acknowledgement of the warning;
  4. issue at least one follow-up warning letter if the first letter is not effective; and
  5. retain copies of all relevant documents

Students who have not complied with the course completion criteria and who have received at least two written warnings can be regarded as not having satisfactorily completed the course at the time of finalising grades. The principal may then apply the ‘N’ determination. If this is the case for a Year 11 course this would place in jeopardy the transition to Year 12 and if this happens in Year 12 the HSC could be in danger of not being issued.


Final Weeks of Year 12

This is a crucial period for Year 12. Whilst their individual assessment marks have been set and sent to NESA, as a cohort of students they can influence what the moderated assessment mark will look like with a strong performance in the HSC exam.

All students should be reviewing their efforts in the Trial HSC and deepening their knowledge. All students should be completing practice questions and looking to improve the language that they use to express arguments and ideas.

The last day of classes will be Wednesday 20th September. The Year 12 final Mass will be Tuesday 19th and the Graduation ceremony will be at 12:00 on the 22nd September in the school Gym.

Year 11

Year 11 exams will commence on Friday 8th with English. Exams will continue throughout week 9. Students are to wear their uniform to school and may leave once their exam has concluded. A genuine effort needs to be made for each task. For many students this will be the final assessment task used to determine a final grade which will appear on students record of achievement. 

Year 10

The Year 11 lines for 2018 have been set and we are currently in the process of discussing patterns of study with individual students. Of importance at this stage is to finalise expressions of interest for TVET courses and this should be done through Mrs Moar. 

Year 9

Year 9 will be on camp next week from Monday to Wednesday and we certainly hope they experience fine weather. Any student who for whatever reason cannot attend the camp should be at school.

Year 8

Year 8 have been provided with a draft elective subject form which needs to be submitted to the school by Friday 8th September. Not all subjects appearing on these lines will run and the lines could change depending on subject clashes. 




Thank you for your support.


Simon Fleming

Curriculum Coordinator/ A.P