Teaching & Learning

High Ability Program

Over the last 9 months, some of our Year 5 & 6 students have been very fortunate to be selected for the Victorian High Ability Program. It is a credit to these students who have been recognised by the Department of Education for their outstanding abilities in either Maths or English. Towards the end of each term, I get notification of students that have been selected for the program for the following term.  


Currently, we have Angus P, Angus N and Georgie H (all Year 5 students) participating in the Maths high ability program once a week as well as Urijah S and Tamika A (also both Year 5 students) participating in the English program. These students join an external Webex meeting weekly, together with approximately 20 other students from across the state and a specialist teacher leading them through a series of higher ability work. It is a privilege to see these students recognised for their consistency in the classroom and their dedication to their work which sees them achieve highly.  


I am very proud of these students for taking on the challenges of the program, for their independent learning and commitment to these classes – some of which take place over recess or lunchtime – this is dedication to studies at an elite level!  

I look forward to sharing the names of our Term 3 enrolments into the program as we receive notification of this.


Ms Jody Tilley

High Abilities Coordinator