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Dr Denise Clarke
Dr Denise Clarke

Capital Works 

A Project Evaluation and Review Panel (PREP) meeting was held with representatives from Jacana School, NW Region, VSBA, Musk Architectural Studio and Aurecon the assurance provider for capital works projects. The meeting reviewed the Detailed Design for the new building and the safety and OHS upgrade for the rest of the school and approved for it to go to the Tender Documentation (TD) stage. 


It will take 10-12 weeks to prepare the TD so by the beginning of March the new building drawings should be ready for final approval to go to tender. Next year we will actually start building and the year of planning will come to fruition.


Inclusive School Fund Application

OT staff met with Ed Ewers the Architect on a few occasions. After initial discussions and preliminary costing the architect did not think there was enough money in the budget to provide a basic building. The school agreed to put in some extra money and the VSBA has also found some extra for the school. The abridged plans are being revised so that the Sensory modulation room is now viable and will be more than a shell that was envisaged.


Shade Sail Grant /Outdoor Learning Spaces

The school has been successful in gaining funding for shade sails  so we can establish tow more covered outdoor learning spaces. One will be in the middle school and one will expand the current secondary space. Additional picnic tables (2 secondary , 2 middle sub school) have been ordered for delivery late January and some ground work is being planned where need.


Facilities Manager

It has been a busy year for facilities at JSA. During the 2020-2021 term break a grant enabled shade sails to be erected providing shade for Rooms facing Playground 1 and their outdoor learning spaces. In Playground 1 recently new sails were installed over the playground equipment, edging and soft fall added. The playground is a bright, colourful, and welcoming space for staff and students to play and study in. 


The Rolling Facilities Evaluation was completed earlier this year and the Condition Assessment Report generated from this evaluation has given the school a comprehensive list for the maintenance of the school buildings and grounds over the next 5 years. Funding has been provided to the school to undertake all the Priority 1 and 2 issues identified during this evaluation, the Victorian School Building Authority will be project managing these works.

In 2022 the recently approved shade sail grant will be used to provide more outdoor learning spaces and works will commence around the school to revitalise the gardens for staff and students to enjoy.


Thank you to Denise for her support and assistance during the year as I have learned the Facilities Manager’s role. Also, to Rob and Jacob for their work and support throughout the year maintaining the building and grounds at JSA.