Live Love Learn

Dear Families,

On Wednesday 8th December, our Parents Association organised a wonderful Parent Christmas gathering at West Beach Pavilion in St Kilda. It was wonderful to be able to spend time together as a community and the parents certainly had fun. We look forward to many more of these occasions in 2022.


Year 6 Graduating Class of 2021

Our Year 6 students have enjoyed a few days of different celebrations. They have been to Funfields, Taco Bill South Melbourne, Graduation Mass and Dinner, a scavenger hunt around South Melbourne area and a game of dodgeball versing teachers. I congratulate each of our Year 6 students on completing their final year of primary school and wish you the very best for your next schooling chapter.  

Thank you to the Year 1 and 4 parents who organised a food hamper and drinks for admin and support staff at Galilee for their work this year. The staff thoroughly enjoyed it all.

Start of School in 2022

We look forward to welcoming all of our students on Monday 31st January, 2022. 

Introducing your 2022 School Captains!


Mr Martello talks about the recent completion of his Master of Edicational Leadership at Australian Catholic University.


School Captain Speech by Sammy T


School Captain Speech by Annabelle


Respectful Relationships

By understanding that nearly everything you achieve in life will come from working well with others, you will be more able to build respectful relationships. When you feel others think you matter, and they think the same way about you, good brain chemicals, serotonin and oxytocin, are released into your bloodstream, making you feel a natural high. When you enjoy respectful relationships you feel connected, protected and respected. Aim to enjoy happy times with others in person.

Specialist Classes in 2022

In 2022, all students will be involved in four Specialist Lessons each week. Each Specialist Class will run for an hour. This is an increased time allotment  from 2021. We are very excited to offer the students Physical Education, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and L.O.T.E. - Italian on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in 2022. 


P.E. Uniform in 2022

Prep P (with Annmaree Pinner) - Tuesday and Friday

Prep M (with Sheridan McAuliffe) - Tuesday and Friday

Prep EF (with Holly Evans and Brighid Fahy) - Thursday and Friday

Year 1B (with Sammy Bamford) - Wednesday and Friday

Year 1T (with Sarah Terrill) - Wednesday and Friday

Year 2J (with Karen Jones) - Thursday and Friday

Year 2F (with Julie Ferguson)- Thursday and Friday

Year 3L (with Bianca Latto)- Wednesday and Friday

Year 3B (with Daniel Booth)- Wednesday and Friday

Year 3G (with Cassandra Gleeson)- Wednesday and Friday

Year 4R (with Helen Rochecouste) - Tuesday and Friday

Year 4G (with Mikaila Greenan) - Tuesday and Friday

Year 5M (with Laura Mason) - Thursday and Friday

Year 5R (with Amanda Readon) - Thursday and Friday

Year 6M (with Dave McLeish) - Tuesday and Friday

School Assemblies in 2022

In 2022, School Assemblies will take place on Friday from 2.20pm - 3pm in the Hall. The first School Assembly that parents will be invited to attend will be on Friday 11th February, 2022. The Assembly will also be live streamed on Google Meet and the link will be published on the Parent Calendar. 

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences in 2022

After much consultation with staff we have decided to revise our reporting structure in 2022. 


For students in Year 1-6, we have decided to offer two Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences. The first Parent/Teacher/Student Conference will take place at the end of Term 1 and the second Parent/Teacher/Student Conference will take place at the end of Term 3. A written Student Report will continue to be sent home at the end of Term 2 and the end of Term 4. 


For students in Prep, we have decided to offer a Meet the Teacher Conference at the beginning of Term 1, a Parent/Teacher/Student Conference at the end of Term 3 and we will continue to send home two written Student Reports per year, one at the end of Term 2 and one at the end of Term 4. 


We hope that this new structure allows for more productive conferences with a stronger focus on student growth and achievement. 


Prep Meet the Teacher Conferences will take place on Monday 7th February from 3.30-5.30pm and Wednesday 9th February from 2 - 5.30pm. You will be able to allocate your preferred appointment time closer to the date. Meet the Teacher Conferences will be available onsite or via Zoom. 


Year 1-6 Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will take place on Monday 4th April from 12.30-7pm and Wednesday 6th April from 3.45-5pm. You will be able to allocate your preferred appointment time closer to the date.  Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences will be available onsite or via Zoom. 

Fees 2022

On December 7, families should have received an email regarding the schedule of fees for 2022. Fee payers will receive a fee statement next year when the year is rolled over on our system.

Before paying your fees in full, please check the rebate on the Final 2022 School Fees Letter and subtract that amount plus the $250 discount for paying before the March due date. 

Father Bob's Christmas Show

On Wed 15 December at 1pm, Fed Square opens to a free lunchtime Christmas variety show presented by Father Bob! 


Appearing on the Main Stage, Father Bob’s We Need a Little Christmas Variety Show promises a non-stop, fast-paced overload of Christmas spirit and entertainment.  The show will feature a set of Melbourne’s best comedians, acrobats, singers and dancers, opened by Melbourne’s very own Santa incarnate, Father Bob Maguire. 


‘My philosophy has always been about bringing the community of Melbourne together and what better time to do this than now as Melbourne re-opens. Having been through the world’s longest lockdown, Melbournians need encouragement, joy and some time to share and celebrate with one another this Christmas.’ Father Bob says. 


Children, teenagers, families, parents and grandparents, everyone is welcome! Strap in for a performance of sound, colour and excitement.  Each show will conclude with Santa handing out toys and gifts to children in the audience. 


‘Families can add this to their list of destinations for the day.  City workers and passers-by are all welcome!  It’s proudly supported by the City of Melbourne and Fed Square, as part of the Melbourne’s Christmas Festival 2021. It’s an event not to be missed this Christmas, come along and join in,’ says Father Bob. 

Parents Battle of the Bands


Parent's Battle of The Bands #3 - Thursday, 16th Dec - The Prince Bandroom, St Kilda.

Tickets are now on sale at the following link:

If booking, make sure you obtain the tickets through the The P.O.G.S (Galilee PS) band, as all proceeds will be redistributed back to the school pro-rata of parents’ attendance / number of tickets sold by each school. 

Funds raised are used to expand the musical education programs and improve facilities for participating schools & help further our children's musical education. 

Our Parents Band The P.O.G.S. is participating with 6 other local primary schools including St. Kilda Primary, Elwood Primary, Port Melbourne Primary, Gardenvale Primary, St Kilda Park Primary & Ripponlea Primary.

Great way to finish the year, with the wider local school communities.  

See you there!

Seeds and Sprouts 2022

Expressions of interest are now open for the 2022 Sprouts program. The Sprouts program is for those children beginning school in 2023. 

Please email your child’s name and the year they will begin school to You will be contacted in early Term 1 with the relevant information for the 2022 program. This program will be run on a Friday throughout Term 1-4.

here will be two sessions available with limited places. 

Please note, this is an expression of interest only. Emailing an expression of interest does not guarantee your child’s place in the program.

Places in the program are limited. All further relevant information and application forms will be sent out in Term 1 and places in the program are based on the date these applications are returned.

Therapy Dog

In 2022, we will welcome a new staff member to the school community: Artemis (Arte), a beautiful, gentle labrador retriever dog.  Arte belongs to Sharon Cameron, our School Counselor.  

Sharon and Arte have spent much time training for the Therapy Dog and Handler Certification. Arte needed to master high expectations and training requirements before she could become certified to be within the school environment. In December, after intensive training with Sharon, Arte underwent three days of assessments in varied settings. She graduated after displaying a high level of competence and now will accompany Sharon to school each day. 

Therapy dogs can help students by offering comfort and non-judgmental support. While Arte will mostly stay with Sharon in the Counseling room, she won’t have to stay there all of the time and is expected to make appearances throughout the school.

Next year we will send out further information regarding Arte working with your children, including an ‘opt out’ if there is a reason you would not like your child to have contact with the dog.

Due to her certification, Arte  is exempt from the school policy that ‘dogs are not allowed beyond the school gates’.

Year 6 Graduation Mass

Last Monday our Year 6’s sixes celebrated their Graduation Mass at Saint Peter and Paul’s with Fr Gary. This was a lovely service where the students reminisced their 2021 year and all years at Galilee. Many thanks to the teachers, Mrs. Julie Ferguson and Mr. David McLeish for preparing such a special service for the students and their families.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and holiday period.



Best wishes,

Simon Millar (Principal)