Hello OGEA Members,

There are many benefits for you to take advantage of for new and experienced educators.

Conferences and Trainings

Check here for a full list of events and virtual training available to you as a CTA and OGEA member including: 

  • New Educator Weekend Feb 18 Virtual
    • For new educators to share and collaborate with peers and experienced educators to improve and hone your skills
  • Human Rights and Equity Conference Feb 24-27 Virtual
    • A Must Do! & Star attraction that is now virtual for all to access!!
  • Good Teaching Conference [Middle and Secondary Educator Version] March 11 Virtual
    • Best practices and collaboration with peers

View all upcoming trainings and learn more @ 

Events and Activities for Members

To view all calendar events and activities provided through your CTA membership check out CTA’s Calendar here: 

Seniority list - Temporary Teachers and Years of Service 

Last month, OGSD sent out the ‘ Certificated Employee Seniority List.” It is important that you verify your name, years of service, hire date, and credentials on this list. If you notice any errors, please email HR @ . If you are a temporary teacher hired on a temporary contract for 1 year or less at a time, you will not appear on the seniority list.  If you do not see your name on the list and believe you should be represented, please contact HR @ Know that OGEA has fought and brought legal experts to our aid to ensure that all temporary teachers who should have been hired as probationary have been recognised for their years of service where applicable. If you believe you were not given appropriate placement on the seniority list because of your experience as a temporary teacher in OGSD, please contact me @ or your school’s site representative. 

Contact Me

Should you have any questions about your membership in OGEA or CTA, please get a hold of me. I can be available through Virtual meet, email, or phone text and call. Be it something quick or more involved, I’m here to help you understand the ins and outs of your membership and benefits it offers.