Secondary Department News 

Year 9

Year 9 students have been busy creating two new businesses as part of the World Of Work program. They have been busy developing business plans that include a name, logo and product list. We look forward to continuing with this work both remotely and when we return to school. Stay tuned for a list of exciting new products to be launched next term.


World of Work

Barista Training and Textiles

The Year 10 Students have continued to receive Barista Training. Last week the students made a total of 17 varied coffee drinks.

It has been wonderful to see the growing self assuredness as students learn to take orders, operate the coffee machine, and confidently demonstrate growing customer service skills.

The Year 10 students have also been learning how to sew. They have learnt to name, identify and use new tools as well as learn new skills like making a pattern, attaching a pattern to fabric, using tailors chalk, cutting fabric, pinning and tacking etc.

Everyone has whole heartily participated in this fun and hands-on topic and is looking

forward to continuing learning new skills and techniques.