Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers,


Our return to Remote Learning Wednesday has meant that we are all focusing on engaging students online. This will mean that the students who have been home all term can now have a better quality of learning offered, as all teachers are now teaching remotely.


Families who had chosen to keep their child at home all term will see an improvement in the learning opportunities offered on line. For families whose child has been onsite we understand that this arrangement may not be welcome. Your child’s classroom teacher will do their best to support you in assisting your child with their learning. 


Teachers will be posting their Morning Introduction every day so that your child will feel connected to their classroom. Please encourage your child to be logged on at 9am ready to listen to this. Teachers will also have a daily schedule that will help your child to have a routine. This may also help some of our older students who spent their days in Term 2 remote learning from sleeping in for half of the day and then logging onto Seesaw late at night.


We know and understand that some of our students are not always ready to learn. At school we refer to the Zones of Regulation daily. Students are familiar with sharing if they are ready to learn and in the green zone. As parents and carers, you know your child best. 



If you can see that your child is not in a calm space please allow them to spend time doing something they enjoy. Learning will only work if your child is ready to learn. We do not want families in conflict because your child will not settle down and complete an activity. 

What Zone are you in?



Our priority is to be SAFE and HEALTHY. That is why we have moved to remote learning. For some students learning will work daily. For other students 30 minutes a day may be all that is possible. It is ok. The school will offer learning across the day but we understand that for many of our students this may not be possible. 


As the parent or carer assisting your child with their online learning, we also understand that it may not always be suitable for you. 


If your child logs onto their device daily they will be marked present for ATTENDANCE. If they do not log on at all they will be marked ABSENT and you will receive a text from school asking for a reason why your child has not been engaged in learning.  Our Community Engagement Team will follow up any student who is not logging on with a phone call.


This is an uncertain time for everyone. I am confident that the teachers and ES staff of Jackson School will keep us all connected in this time of isolation. Look after yourself and your families and stay safe.