Year 11 Outdoor Education

Group 1 Expedition

The second half of the Year 11 Outdoor Education cohort went on their Mountain Biking expedition this week. The group rode from Jarrahdale to Brookton Highway over two days spending the night at Wungong campsite.


The camp was a hugely positive event with the group demonstrating their competency in camping, mountain biking and crucially mountain bike repair. On day one the group travelled the 25km in very quick time, but day two saw numerous stacks and mechanical issues slow down progress. To the group's credit, the group dealt with every issue quickly and effectively.


The group would like to thank Mr Akmens for accompanying them, Mr Tim Wallis for his work as a support driver and Mr Worth and Mr Vallis for dropping off and picking up at the beginning and end of the expedition.


Ross Websdale

Outdoor Education Teacher