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Kinder Report

Our Happy Kinders have been growing fond of exploring the letters A, B, C, D and E this week!


Earlier in the month our Kinders were so excited to join the school in the Clean Up Australia Day, so we decided to extend this experience to our Kinder yard and have the children help themselves to gloves, brooms and tongs to keep our yard clean.


Our Kinders have shown great interest in our Construction areas where children are developing their fine motor skills, imagination, curiosity and creativity! Our educators help our kinders by prompting ideas, engage in conversations and guide them to be confident and involved learners.


Encounters with Jesus: This term, we are learning how to pray. The children get so excited at meal times, everybody wanted to say a special prayer! So Miss Ness created a roster for each child to share a prayer at meal times.


Educators and children ventured outdoors into nature. We lay on the lawn and listened to the birds sing. Some children closed their eyes and prayed “God, who needs my prayer today?” Afterwards, we went back to our Kinder room and created a ‘Prayer Wall’. Each child has drawn a picture of their prayer request, they have even gathered objects from our room to thank God for, how creative!


Miss Bec

Step Into Prep


Term 1 Vacation Care


Scholastic Book Fair

IT HAS ARRIVED! Our annual Scholastic Book Fair has arrived and is ready for students, parents and families to make purchases. This is a great opportunity to purchase Christmas presents, birthday gifts, reading materials, nic-nacs and much more! Prices start at $1 and range up to $30! 


The Book Fair has been set up in the front Reception area at Officer Campus and will be open during the following times:


Dates: 15th - 27th March

Times: 8:30am-9am each morning; Lunch time for all students; 3pm-3:30pm each afternoon


All purchases help to earn points for our school, which are then used to purchase resources for classrooms and reading materials. Thank you for your support in this annual event! We aim to have total sales of $1000! Go Team Heritage! 


Mrs Kim Nuske

3IC and Year 1/2NV Teacher